Carmela and Jimmy's Puzzle Piece Proposal

old-stone-house-garden-georgetown-proposal-dc-wedding-photographer-27How we met: On August 25, 2007, I was driving into Georgetown to move into my freshman dorm. Walking down the hallway of Darnall Hall, I finally found room 108. The door was slightly ajar and when I walked in, my roommate Lisa and some friends, Jimmy and Trevor, were hanging out. We introduced ourselves and that was the beginning of our great friendships. (Jimmy and I did not start dating until almost 3 years later!)

how they asked: Sometime in July, Jimmy told me to block off the weekend of August 23rd because his family was coming to visit. This didn’t faze me as almost every other time his family visited, I was out of town, and this seemed like a reasonable request. However, around mid-August, Jimmy told me that his family was not coming anymore but maybe we could do something fun instead… a Sunday night jazz show on August, 24th.

That Sunday was a busy one. We started our day off normally by going to mass at Georgetown and then walked over to meet some friends for brunch at 10am. I also had a lunch and mani/pedi date planned with my college roommate, Lisa, at 2pm. Little did I know that after our brunch plan Jimmy was running around DC to set up the proposal.

Lisa dropped me at home around 6pm to give me enough time to get ready for the jazz show. However, when I arrived in the apartment, everything was still dark and I was shocked that I was the first one back. Even so, I took the opportunity to watch some HGTV and relax for a few minutes. I texted Jimmy that I was home and asked where he was. He responded with “Check out the mirror when you get a chance.” Confused, I walked over to our full-size mirror and on top was a puzzle piece with a little envelope that said, “Let’s change it up today.”

I opened up the envelope and inside was a note explaining that there were 3 more puzzle pieces I needed to find in DC and those will lead me to him. Clue 1: Our first date (And in case I didn’t remember, he included a Dean & Deluca business card behind the clue).

Excited, nervous, and confused, I quickly showered, got dressed and fixed my make-up. “Could he be proposing?” I asked myself… but eventually was convinced that he could be planning a romantic dinner before the jazz show. I called an Uber and headed to the first location.

I arrived at Dean & Deluca and text him asking if he was there. All he replied was “nope.” So I was left to try to wander the store for clues or something that stood out. I was almost at the back of the store when I got to the sushi counter and found behind the glass a package of two puzzle pieces and a clue wrapped in a red bow.

I immediately grabbed it and read the clue. The clue said “Do you remember our first date?

“I loved that date. We shared so many memories since then and I want to tell you them.
Next location: 1) Google the coordinates; 2) Meet me there at 7pm”

The coordinates he was referring to were on the two puzzle pieces in the red bow. It actually stumped me for a while as I struggled to get the coordinates to give me a location. Finally, I got an address in Georgetown but it confused me. I texted Jimmy and he said to check out street-view. Then I knew immediately where I was going…The coordinates led me to the Old Stone House in Georgetown. This was the location where I first admitted that I liked him and he admitted that he felt the same way.

When I texted him that I was one block away from the Old Stone House, I already saw a crowd outside. I thought it was odd, but as I got closer, I noticed that it was only him and a photographer inside the back garden. At this point, I definitely realized that this was not a scavenger hunt towards a fancy dinner: something a little bigger was happening.

Jimmy opened the gate to lead me in and we started chatting. He held up the last puzzle piece and began telling me that it was 7 years since we first met at Georgetown and many other happy memories. He led me down the stone path through the garden and we were both starting to tear up when suddenly ESPN’s push notification and sound came through, “DaDaDa, DaDaDa.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and threw it on the grass. We both laughed it off and luckily that took some of the nerves out from both of us.

He led me down a rose petal covered path up to the bench where we spent an evening chatting and he continued his speech. Then got down on one knee and pulled out a box from his pocket. He asked me to marry him… and I said YES! <3













Photos by Elizabeth Fogarty