Carmel and Nicholas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Almost completed new apartment

How We Met

So somewhere around April-May 2016, we met at my then hotel job- in the restaurant where I host guests, etc. He walk-in and I hosted him and some of his guests.

He asked me to charge his phone and In the middle of charging the phone, a call came in, so as the hostess, I took the phone which was charging around my desk to hand it over to him and then I jokingly said “oh your girlfriend is calling you many times you should probably pick up now” cos that’s what I sometimes do.. since it’s part of my job to keep my guests comfortable and to feel at home dining with us. With lil bit of jokes here and there. ? So then he picked up in front of me and the one calling walked in and there He was. A gentleman- his new employee. I was like omfg I was soo embarrassed. Because of course, he did that to prove a point to me that it wasn’t a girlfriend calling.

Carmel's Proposal in Almost completed new apartment

And then after his lunch with his partners and guests, he gave me his card to reach out sometime. And we got in touch and was in each other’s company for some few times, broke up in between for about 3times within 3months of seeing ‘each other’. And the last breakup was in November I think. And since then we stopped being in touch and went on separate ways, unfortunately.

it was just some flings we had for each other and messing around.. and at the same time both our personalities towards each other clashes In between us seeing each other, etc. So I guess it just couldn’t work out or I just don’t know for some reason it didn’t start of in this lovey dicey butterflies feelings. It was just bland.

How They Asked

“…Babe let’s go and see the new site immediately we land in Accra because it is very IMPORTANT FOR BOTH OF US and we MUST go immediately we land”.

This statement he said on soo many occasions during our usual Europe vacation tour in July 2019. I had no clue it was all in his biggest plan.

And again he repeated this demand even after the vac, on our way -inflight to Accra.

We then got to the new site (which represents our future together), looking around the interiors with a huge excitement already because my favorite color (yellow?) was on the sides of the interior wall as I’ve indicated to him.

He then got closer to me with his left hand behind him and the other holding my hand, he said some few sentences and then went on his one knee to burst out ‘the question’. Holding in his hands, the most favorite diamond gem of my dreams that took him months to customize.

(Omg I couldn’t believe what’s happening, I froze. Everything happened so fast at that very moment because I wasn’t expecting or suspected anything the whole time. In the midst of the new site where construction is lightly going on in the compound because it was on a Sunday after church service. The interior where we were standing had nothing in it. No furniture, no nothing everything was empty around us. It was just the two of us and the interior walls around us.)

Of course! And hell yea I said YES to the love of my life, my god-sent which God has blessed and honor me with when he walked into my life in 2016. And in mid-2017 this same god sent has been showing me nothing but selfless love.

He didn’t even decide to choose any of these ‘romantic’ beach resort destinations we went to in Europe or even the last city we visited in the south of Portugal- one of my favorites cities, full of breathtaking views and serene and the beach. But no. He chose our new site which was the perfect place for our magical engagement for us.

He had the ring all these while during our vacation for us to come home to Accra and to propose at the exact place where it represents our future together. ?

On a final note, my fiancé is soo thoughtful, selfless and so so loving. He’s truly my soulmate.

Many many thanks to you guys for allowing us to share.!