Carly and Colton

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How We Met

Colton and I met on January 15, 2010. I know I’m crazy for remembering that lol. I had just gotten out of a relationship and my two best friends wanted to take me to a party to cheer me up. We get to this party and long story short I thought he was dating the girl sitting on his lap (turns out she was just his good friend) so when he asked me for my number I nonchalantly gave it to him. I wasn’t looking for anything anyways, so I wasn’t worried if he would call or not. A month and a half goes by and he finally texts me (because who calls anymore?!). We started hanging out all the time but I was still hesitant to get in a relationship. Looking back he tried so hard! He even took me to his senior prom

Carly's Proposal in Omaha, Nebaraska

After a wonderful night I still decided I wasn’t ready for a relationship. We went our separate ways but remained friends. Seven months later we decided to try it again, but after a few short months he decided he wanted to be single and get the college experience (insert eye roll lol). We both dated other people while still remaining friends. I always knew we were supposed to be together, no other guy treated me as well as he did. Now 2 1/2 years have gone by and FINALLY the stars aligned. We were both single at the same time! We’ve now been together for over 3 years and lived in 2 states together. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

how they asked

Here is a little backstory before we get to the proposal. Colton and I moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for his job 8 months prior to proposal day. We frequently visited our hometown Omaha, Nebraska, but our weekend visits were never long enough. So in March we decided to come back for a whole week to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday and St. Patrick’s day with our friends and family.

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One of my best friends Katie, asked if I wanted to go get my nails done and go to breakfast while I was back (this wasn’t unusual for us to do). After she paid for my breakfast, which I thought was a bit unusual, she handed me my first envelope.

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I had to read it twice because of all the tears. Good the thing the mall was empty on this Wednesday or people would have been staring! I already knew I had a nail appointment, but the letter informed me there was more special things to come that day. There was three rules.

  1. No asking questions ( I ALWAYS have to be in the know. He knows me so well)
  2. No communicating with Colton.
  3. Enjoy the time with these special people. My mom met us at the salon to get hers done too!

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As I was waiting for my nails to dry my other best friend Kiara pulls up with envelope #2. This one told me I was headed to get a whole new outfit and shoes. I needed to have this task done by 3pm. So.many.happy tears.

Proposal Ideas Omaha, Nebaraska

We found dress, shoes and jewlery all in the same store in an hour and a half. Which is impressive for me. We then went to lunch for my favorite salad! If you don’t know what Runza is you are missing out!

We forgot to take pictures of letter #3 but this letter told me I had a hair/makeup appointment with my favorite stlyist Hannah (who also happens to be one of my friends). Cue more waterworks. I was so anxious to just see Colton!

And then FINALLY came letter #4. This final letter told me he was waiting for me on the rooftop of 1912, which is a bar and restaurant we had previously talked about having an engagement party at. The patio is really rustic with string lights and looks over the city. It’s one if our favorite places. We had a little time to kill so some liquid courage was needed. I had so many butterflies!

I was so nervous walking up the stairs to the rooftop. When I got through the door I remember thinking I just want to hug and kiss his teary eyed face!

I basically blacked out after that. It was such a whirlwind! The owner of 1912 was so great he gave us 6 bottles of champagne to celebrate once we got back inside! We had such a great time celebrating afterwards with all our loved ones.

I cannot thank our family and friends enough for being so supportive!

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