Carly and Tucker

How We Met

Tucker and I met while we were both attending Troy University. At the time, my best friend Caiden was working for Troy’s Campus Recreation and little did I know my life would change forever because of it. You see, Tucker also worked for Troy’s Campus Recreation while attending grad school. Early on in the Spring semester of 2016 I started to visit on Tuesday afternoons right before Caiden got off work and we walked to our class. It was on those Tuesdays that I met Tucker and our relationship took off. During these hour-long Tuesday visits are where I found out that Tucker and I had a lot in common.

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We both love the game of basketball and sports in general and that is what most of our conversations were about as well our love for coffee and doughnuts. After several Tuesday visits, I received a text message from an unknown number. It was Tucker. He had asked for my number through Caiden ( He was too scared to ask in person, I guess) and wanted to know if I would like to get dinner sometime that week! I was freaking out and was so excited. But of course, I said yes! For our first date, we went to Sips on the Square in downtown Troy, Alabama and literally talked for over two hours. I remember that we both ordered a beer and got an appetizer of cheesy bread with a plan to share a pizza together. We were so caught up getting to know each other and telling stories that we didn’t even order the pizza. It was perfect and the beginning of our relationship.

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How They Asked

The day couldn’t get here fast enough. I had been planning this for 3 months now. I wanted it to be perfect. Sun with a few clouds, the right picture angle, everyone to show up and for Carly to say yes. Well let me tell you.. it was perfect in every way.

First off, I got permission from Carly’s parents and her brother Brett to ask for Carly’s hand in marriage but only after a few sniffles. After that, it was time to get the ring ready, which I thought was going to be easy because Carly had wanted her dad’s mother’s ring for her engagement ring. There was just a couple of problems. It didn’t have a center stone and it was slightly too big. No need to panic, right? I did.

Fast forward about a month ahead and I finally designed a ring to make it look similar to her grandmother’s ring. This ring was perfect and everything she wanted. There was a catch though. Carly’s gracious mother allowed me to use her mother’s two side stones to complete the ring. So with a resemblance of her dad’s mother’s ring, my touch on the center stone and her other grandmother’s two side stones it was now Carly’s.

A few weeks prior to the proposal date, a few of the bridesmaids and I picked out the perfect spot at Railroad Park in Birmingham, AL. The day of the proposal the weather was acting crazy. The rain chance started out at 90% then dropped to 30% and then back up to 60%. I thought the day would be ruined because of the rain but I was wrong. I told Carly the previous night that we should go to the local minor baseball game with Caitlin (bridesmaid) and her husband, Christian. She thought it was a great idea and that is when we had her hooked. Caitlin was in on the surprise, along with about 30 other people. We were getting ready to go downtown and I checked the weather one last time, it had dropped to 20%. Finally!

We arrived downtown, parked, then started to walk through Railroad Park on the way to the stadium. I then hear Carly say “Oh, look! Someone is getting engaged there. That’s so sweet!”. She was pointing to the spot. Caiden, another bridesmaid, and Caitlin had set up a table with picture frames, flowers, and the ring. As we continued to walk I told Carly we should go check it out and see. She insisted that we didn’t and I told her that no one was around (except the photographer I hired) so it would be fine. She said, “Well let’s be quick then!” As we walked closer Carly began to look confused and that is when she noticed. “Hey, that’s us!”.

We got in front of the table, I grabbed the ring and asked the woman of my dreams to marry me. She said yes.

The night wasn’t quite over. Remember the 30 or so people that knew? They were all waiting at a neighborhood clubhouse for us. After loading up the picture frames and table we started to head back to Hoover. Carly kept asking where we were going and I wouldn’t say. After a 25 min drive, we had arrived. We opened the door and all our friends and family were there to celebrate, including Carly’s brother and sister in law who lived in California at the time. The night was full of bbq, stories, cake, pictures and more. The planning was stressful but everything went right and it could not have been more perfect.

Special Thanks

Marchele Johnson
 | Photographer