Carly and Spencer

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How We Met

We met through my older brother Adam! He went to Syracuse University and became friends with Spencer early on because they lived in the same dorm freshman year. I met Spencer when I visited my brother at college and thought he was an all around great guy. I am super close with my brother so it wasn’t surprising that 3 years later when it was my time to go away to college I ended up at Syracuse University as well. At this point my brother and Spencer were seniors so I saw them on and off and Spencer and I continued to grow our friendship. He then graduated and moved to NYC while I continued out 3 more years of college.

We would see each other on occasion and were always happy to run into each other when I was home for vacation. After graduation I moved to NYC and about a year after that we went on our first date. We were such good friends at this point that the conversation was easy and I remember thinking “how did I never see this?”, he was right in front of me all along and at that moment it all clicked. We began seriously dating pretty soon after that and I knew he was going to be a big part of my life forever. It continued to get better and better, we moved in together 2 years later, our families get along great and my brother couldn’t be happier to have one of his best friends becoming his brother-in-law.

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how they asked

We traveled to Vail, Colorado with another couple and it was our first day in the slopes. We had been skiing all morning and Spencer said he was meeting a friend a Wildwood Smokehouse around lunchtime. Hungry and tired from the morning we made our way over to Wildwood, took our skis off and settled in. Our friend Jason was in ski school that day so his girlfriend Amanda went to meet him for lunch, which left Spencer and I alone. After a few minutes of rest, Spencer asked if I wanted to go take photos outside as this is one of the best views in Vail, 10,981 feet up.

I thought nothing odd of this and of course agreed! We made our way outside and began to take selfies with my cellphone. I quickly realized a woman with a professional camera who seemed to be taking photos of the scenery and asked her to take a photo of us with my cellphone. She did so and then proceeded on her way..or so I thought. Spencer then turned me around so we were facing the mountains and asked me to put my phone away and just take in the moment with him. He then turned to me and began to tell me how much he loves me.

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This is when it started to set in and I instantly began crying. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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It was the most magical moment of my life and for sure exceeded my wildest proposal dreams. Funny enough, the woman who I had asked to take a photo of us just a few minutes ago was snapping away throughout the proposal because Spencer had hired her to be there.

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After a lot of (happy) tears, hugs, kisses and “I can’t believe it’s” we made our way down the mountain where we changed out of our ski clothes, met back up with the photographer and took engagement photos around Vail Village.

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That night we celebrated with friends (and lots of champagne) and the next day we were off to Aspen to spend time with Spencer’s family who happened to be visiting CO that same week as us. It was all so surreal and intimate. To say I was surprised is an understatement. It was easily the best day of our lives thus far and I cannot wait to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Bianca McCarty
 | professional proposal and engagement photos