Carly and Sean

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How We Met

So this is a funny story actually. We both go to the same college where I am also a part of the cheer team. It was at a home football game last season where I was cheering and he was somewhere in the crowd. Him and one of his friends were talking and she asked him which cheerleader he thought was the cutest. He had pointed out me! She then ran down to where I was cheering and got my phone number for him, which actually is odd that I gave the right one cause I couldn’t even see the guy and she was a complete stranger! Later that night he texted me and introduced himself and stuff, but I felt so awkward! So I just stopped replying. We didn’t talk again until December when I was in his hometown. Once school had gotten back in session, and he was back in town from the holidays, he took me out on a date and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Earlier in the week he had asked me on a date for Thursday! He told me it was a surprise. I was like oh my gosh! He’s going to propose!! So I asked my mom and she assured me he was just trying to throw me off. I was like yeah maybe… So when Thursday came, I suspected it and really tried to get it out of my mom. I kept telling her I wasn’t going to get ready for the date since we weren’t getting engaged that night anyway and she knew I was fishing for the answer when I said I wasn’t going to wear lipstick. (Which of course I did wear.) Sean came and picked me up and he took me to dinner where we had gone on our first date. I should’ve known right then at the restaurant since he was so nervous he only ate a quarter of his food.

Next we got in the car and he drove me to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Provo City Center Temple. This is the temple I have dreamed of getting married in! In my head I was thinking this is it! It’s going to happen here. Then he was like let’s go. I was actually a little upset internally cause I had built up all of that adrenaline. The weather started to act up a bit and he wouldn’t let it go. He seemed anxious now that I look back on that moment. Then he wanted to take me on one more surprise. I thought it was going to be frozen yogurt because I’m literally obsessed with it. I was a little mad though and full from dinner so I said, “Babe I don’t want froyo. Can we just go home?”

And on the way he randomly pulled into the neighborhood I live in. I asked why we were going there. He told me he wanted to see the cute house I’m in love with. At that moment I knew it was coming. The house had been empty for a while and so I wondered if he’d gotten permission to do it there, but no. He drove right passed it. We didn’t even look. We pulled around the corner to where my house was and there’s a big grass field across from it. It was all decorated with lights, pictures, a cute blanket, and rose petals. It was a romantic dream. We walked out to the spot and he got down on one knee and told me he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him. After I said yes our families came running out and the entire neighborhood had been spying. It was a moment I will never ever forget.

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Special Thanks

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