Carly and Peter

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How We Met

Peter and I met through mutual friends in high school, though we didn’t really connect until we got to college. We started talking and hanging out which eventually led to us dating. What was funny is a bit further into our relationship we told each other we had a huge crush on the other in high school! I love it because we both get to marry our dream crush!

how they asked

Peter proposed during a trip we planned to Greece to celebrate him getting his Masters in Engineering. We went to Athens, Crete, Santorini, and Milos on our trip and it was beautiful! During our stay in Xania Crete is where Peter decided to propose. Xania is a small town off the coast of Crete that resembles old-world Europe with all the old buildings, a harbor, and an amazing lighthouse. It was at this lighthouse he decided to propose.

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During the day while we were exploring Peter suggested going to the lighthouse to watch the sunset and then go to a nice dinner. Crete is known for their food. So, naturally, I put on a dress and off to the lighthouse we went. We watched the sun go down over the islands right outside the harbor. There is something about how the light glimmers off the Mediterranean, it looks likes millions of sapphires, it was beautiful!

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As I turned to ask if he was ready to go eat, there he stood ring in hand! I was so surprised because I didn’t expect it at all! I said YES of course! Once I stopped shaking from excitement we went to eat and got to enjoy the rest of our trip as a newly engaged couple.

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Special Thanks

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