Carly and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I have known each other for 6 years. We met when I was a freshman at the University of Oklahoma and he was a sophomore due to our mutual friends. I always thought he was the nicest guy with the greatest personality, but we were both in other relationships at the time. We were even neighbors my junior year of college which we joke about now – “if only we knew then..” We graduated college and parted ways. He moved to Pittsburgh for work, and I stayed in Oklahoma City. When we both learned that the other was single, we expressed interest in each other to friends who became the matchmakers. When we realized that the interest was mutual we were both equally as excited. We went on our first date December 5th, 2014 when he was in town visiting, and it’s safe to say we both fell in love that night. He moved to Denver later that year, and I followed shortly after. We are both now back in Oklahoma City and couldn’t be happier to be planning our wedding!

how they asked

We were on vacation with my family in Italy. Our first night in Rome, walking to dinner as the sun was setting, I was overwhelmed with how romantic this city was. The dimly lit cobblestone streets, the quiet cafes, the thousands-of-years-old architecture.. It took my breath away. I think we fell in love all over again that first night.

The next day, Nick and I decided to go on a walk to the Trevi Fountain and just enjoy some alone time before dinner. We talked about how amazing Rome was, reminiscing on everything we’d done and seen. We were walking along, quietly enjoying the beauty of the city when he pulled me into a little alcove on one of the streets and started kissing me. It was one of the most romantic moments of my life. We continued walking as he started to tell me how much he loves me. We turned the corner, and it seemed like we were alone on the most perfect, quaint cobblestone street.

He asked me if I really knew how much he loves me. I said yes of course, but when he continued, it really started to sink in what was happening. “Do you know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you?” he asked. I managed to get out a little high-pitched “yes” as the tears start flowing. “Do you know that I want to have a family with you? And that I’ll love you forever?”

At this point, I’m sobbing, we’re facing each other, holding hands, in the middle of a street in Rome. He got down on one knee, and I remember hearing a collective “awwwww” from a table of girls eating at the cafe behind me. When I said yes, they began clapping, and I noticed my brother-in-law taking photos of the entire thing.

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One of my other brothers ran up as well, Italian beers in hand, and the four of us walked to the Trevi Fountain to take pictures before heading back to the house to meet my family. I truly felt like it was a living dream. When we got back, everyone was waiting for us on the terrace, and we celebrated with delicious Prosecco cocktails, toasts given by my parents, and many more tears. We had the most incredible Italian chefs cook dinner for us in our rental home that night, and later walked to a cozy late-night bar to continue the celebrations with my brothers and sisters. When we went back out later that night, we walked down the same street where Nick proposed. He said to me, “this street will always be ours. We’ll come back one day to relive this moment.” It was truly the best night of my life.

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Special Thanks

Clayton Elder
 | photographer