Carly and Matt

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Breckenridge, CO

How We Met

After many years of failed relationships and nightmare online dating, I met Matt via Tinder and we had our first date on September 15th, 2017. I had already decided that if my date with Matt didn’t go well, I was going to go on a dating hiatus for a while- in fact, I had already deleted all dating profiles and apps from my phone. I was tired, underwhelmed by my dating experiences, and frankly exasperated with the lack of chivalry and follow through I had been experiencing on the dating scene. I was a bundle of nerves that day and tried to think of a hundred reasons to cancel, but something inside of me kept telling me to try one more time. I got ready and headed to the meeting spot- Bar Louie in the Gulch in Nashville, TN. I was early and Matt called me and said he was on his way. I remember thinking his voice was so warm and inviting and that made me even more nervous! I’m inside Bar Louie pacing and shuffling around with nerves and he walks in and it was like everything around me completely faded away. It was this amazing, stop you in your tracks feeling. As soon as I was able to speak, it seems like I didn’t stop talking all night. We were able to talk about everything meaningful we had ever thought or felt, like he was an old friend whom I had known most of my life. We bar hopped to a couple of places that evening and when we were walking to one of our destinations, Matt grabbed my hand to cross a busy intersection and he never let go. We joke now that Matt all but proposed to me the night we met, because he told me he was all in on our first date. After we parted that night, I was left with this breathless feeling that still hasn’t gone away. Our second date was two days later and the rest is history.

How They Asked

I had known a proposal was coming in the near future for months, but I wasn’t clued into the details at all. There were several dates that came and went where I thought it was about to happen and it didn’t. Matt and I had planned a December trip to NYC in early September and he had mentioned several times how cheesy a New York proposal would be because we had both lived there before we met and visited together before, so I had crossed that off my list of potential engagement locations. Three weeks prior to our trip, we saw some adds about Breckenridge, CO. Matt had grown up skiing but I had never been to a ski lodge; I expressed to him how romantic a winter wonderland would be for our weekend getaway. He changed our plans the next day and we prepared for our ski vacation. On Thursday, December 6th we had a 5:30am flight from Nashville to Denver and a two hour drive from Denver to Breckenridge. Upon arriving at our beautiful lodge in Breckenridge, we were excited but also exhausted.

Matt insisted that we take the gondola from our hotel into town and grab some lunch and have a look in the shops. We walked around for about three hours laughing and having such a romantic day. We were just finishing up and I suggested we go back to our room for a quick nap. The snow had just started to fall and Matt suggested that we go take a quick picture on the bridge in the Blue River Plaza. We walk over and he turns to face me and takes both of my hands. When he looked at me, I realized exactly what was happening and I started to cry. He said a lot, but most of it I don’t remember amidst all of the emotions I was feelings. What I did catch was, ” We’ve both known this has been coming for a while, but I’ve known since September 15th, 2017.

Carly and Matt's Engagement in Breckenridge, CO

You bring so much warmth and comfort and joy to my life… Carly Priscilla Hill, will you marry me?” I said yes about a million times. I was so surprised despite knowing it was coming for a few months. It was the best day of my whole life and I will never forget how special I felt that he put so much effort into changing the proposal last minute and hiring a photographer to capture the whole thing! I’m ecstatic to be marrying my best friend in the entire world. Matt is the one person who completely understands me and loves me for exactly who I am. I have never experienced the kind of unconditional love that Matt offers me every single day. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Kasle!

Special Thanks

Joe Harbison
 | Photographer