Carly and Logan

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How We Met

I was born and raised an Army brat moving every year and half to two years of my life. Logan was born and raised on his family farm in a very rural and small town in Pennsylvania. If you would have asked me growing up if thats where I would end up I would have told you with great certainty, no way. I moved all over throughout my life- Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Maryland, South Korea- most of those places twice, I went to 11 different schools and made countless friends along the way. I experienced different cultures, unique foods and beautiful sceneries. I always thought growing up that I would never settle down, a gypsy soul I would stay. This all changed when my dad was assigned a job that didn’t require him to live on, or near an Army post. We were living in a very suburban area of Maryland and my dad wanted land and a peaceful place to call home.

He told our realtor this and of all the places in the world she took us to little ole’ New Tripoli – population 898. I was not happy about this move at all. Being an extremely small town and being a complete outsider it was one of the hardest moves of my life.. One day though, I left school Sophomore year and saw this guy cross the street in front of me and I just had a feeling that day, it really was an almost love at first site kind of feeling. I then learned his name was Logan and that he had the personality and charm like nothing I had ever known. We had some classes together and got to know each other and became the best of friends. He was really one of my only friends for a long time. We did a lot together and told each other literally everything. A year passed and we realized this should be more than a friendship. We started dating Junior year and have laughed and loved for eight years since.

Upon the first meeting- our parents hit it off and became great friends. Our families mingled into one within the first year we were together. We now work in our family owned farm distillery. Logan is our head distiller and I am the manager, social media guru, toilet cleaner (We all wear lots of hats!). My dad owns the distillery along side Logan’s brother in law. The distillery is in a beautiful new red barn built with the hands of Logan’s father and two brothers- Eight Oaks Craft Distillery is truly a labor of love with a passion for family and our craft. It is crazy the places life takes you.

how they asked

After eight years of being together and some hints and nudges about marriage– nothing. I was being patient but hoping a ring would come soon but I wasn’t quite sure when. For my birthday this year Logan planned a trip for us, I had no idea where we were going. I hopped in the car and he handed me a map and said “you always say you want to get in the car and just drive, lets do it. Where do you want to go? I have reservations for Saturday and Sunday but nothing for tonight. It’s totally up to you.” I was so unbelievably excited for a much needed vacation and a real adventure.

I always dreamt of a New England vacation in the fall and have been a die-hard Gilmore Girl addict for many years so of course, I chose to go to New Haven, Connecticut to roam around and feel like Rory Gilmore for a day. We spent the day touring Yale and visiting some local hot spots, like Pepe’s Pizza. After lunch we headed to East Rock which is a beautiful scenic spot overlooking New Haven and the Long Island Sound. We love the outdoors and hiking so this was nothing out of the ordinary and I was not suspicious at all, I was fully expecting to come home not engaged and that was okay with me(sort of). We arrived at the overlook and gave my phone to a young girl to take our picture of us. Logan quickly asked the girl to switch to video.

I turned to ask what in the world we were going to do in a video and when I turned to look at him he was bending down on one knee.

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My world literally stopped. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest and stomach dropped a million miles per hour. The moment I had pictured in my head and thought of hundreds of times since high school was finally happening. My blonde haired, blue eyed, brilliant, amazing best friend was asking me to be with him forever. After many tears and completely falling to my knees I managed to say yes. I will never forget the way I felt that day and I am almost sad that it is over. I wish I could go back and replay those 60 seconds over and over again.

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Logan had planned the rest of our engagement weekend in Washington, Connecticut which is where the town of Star Hallow in Gilmore Girls is based of off- So amazing! We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast and explored the small surrounding towns and wineries. It was literally something out of a dream.

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It is still surreal to look down a see my ring and knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with Logan.

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I am a firm believer in fate and the way things always work out. There is some force larger than us and some sort of whimsical master plan or karma, it is proven to me every day. I always try and stop during my day to “be still” and when I take that second breath in the country air and to look at my life, I am thankful. Living in an old farm house, working at my families distillery, beautiful supportive parents (mine and Logan’s), amazing siblings, adorable nieces and nephews – all of which I get to share with my high school sweet heart and the best friend I have ever known.

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How I ever got so lucky I will never know. I have planted roots, deep roots, in a place I never would have imagined and I am forever thankful everyday for it.

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