Carly and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I were both fairly new transplants to the Bay Area when we were introduced by mutual friends at our church. The night that we met I mentally noted that he was the most handsome guy in the room but then shrugged it off and assumed that he was probably already dating or interested in someone else. After a few weeks of small talk at church, I discovered that he wasn’t dating anyone but was turned off by his bold demand for my number (he later admitted that he was nervous). When he texted me that very night I was surprised and replied with a mixture of flirty sass that left him quite puzzled. Small talk at church continued until one day our pastor asked us to talk to our neighbor, panic stricken, I realized that none of my friends were there. Jordan was sitting just a few seats away and we quickly fell into a conversation about what we had been learning about ourselves and our faith. In that short discussion, I was able to get a glimpse of Jordan’s depth and honesty. I was hooked. We spent an hour or so talking after church and discovered that we both loved traveling, exploring the outdoors, and even went to the same gym! After church, we both headed over to the gym where my nervous flirting did not serve me well (you try getting a good workout with your newly minted crush just a few feet away)! By the end of the night I was smitten; Jordan, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure. Thankfully he decided to keep an open mind and was pleasantly surprised when I texted him that very night to tell him how much I had enjoyed his company. Oh, how the tables had turned!

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The next week was filled with strategically planned gym visits in hopes of bumping into him again. Luckily my dedication to fitness and tracking down this cute guy paid off and we spotted each other several days later. That night we spent nearly two hours in the parking lot getting to know each other a bit better. To my delight, we even set a date for a non-gym or church related hangout! Our first date consisted of Thai food and the shooting range. I was amazed at how Jordan’s steady confidence simultaneously put me at ease and pushed me out of my comfort zone. A few weeks after our first date Jordan treated me to a homemade dinner before a wine and paint night (where true to form, I spilled paint on his pants). Luckily he still asked me to be his girlfriend.

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While you could say that the rest was history, we have filled the last year and a half with so much life and love. We have tried new things, learned about ourselves, deepened our faith in times of frustration, and added a third canine member to our pack. No other person has ever challenged and supported me in the amazing way that Jordan does. Whether hiking up a volcano in a monsoon, swing dancing in the living room, or facing the unknown together, I know that life may not always be comfortable, but that with our faith and one another we can turn any situation into an adventure.

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We have had a blast exploring the country and world together with trips to eleven national park service areas, Los Angeles, Washington, Costa Rica, San Diego, Napa, Utah, Spain, Oregon, Maryland, and one very special trip to Texas…

how they asked

Jordan and I love to travel and uncharacteristically had relatively few trips on the horizon other than summer weddings. When we realized that most of our travel would be centered around celebrating those near and dear to us he suggested that we take a mini vacation to celebrate the Fourth of July in Texas.

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If you know me you know that the 4th is my favorite holiday in the whole world. If you know me you might also know that I love flowers and the HGTV show Fixer Upper. So being the amazing planner (and schemer) that he is, Jordan decided to combine all of the things that I love, including himself into a wonderful vacation to remember.

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Jordan’s proposal plans started even before we left for the airport; he had arranged for my mom to come up to watch our four month old puppy, Aspen, and asked her to suggested that we go get our nails done. I happily agreed and enjoyed having an entire day to spend with her. The next day Jordan arrived at my house ready to pick me up at 4:45, being the seasoned traveler that I am, I woke up at 4:40 and was still in my pajamas. I quickly changed and we were off to the airport. Jordan had mentioned that we were meeting an old friend and his wife at the Dallas Arboretum so that it would be nice if we dressed nicely. I applied my makeup and did my hair in the airport bathroom before boarding our flight. I was a bit suspicious that Jordan had asked me to dress up but as soon as we took off he drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t imagine that he would be so relaxed before such a big moment so I immediately dismissed my inklings.

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When we finally arrived in Dallas we headed straight to the Arboretum. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and I was struck by how beautiful the garden was. After checking his phone Jordan let me know that his old pal was running late and that we should explore the gardens for a bit on our own. We walked hand in hand toward the crape myrtle tunnel talking about the various flowers and childhood memories that they evoked. Once we reached the beautifully wooded area Jordan suggested that we take a photo. He stopped a stranger passing by and asked her to take our photo. She said that she was happy to as long as she could also take one on her own camera. At that moment I realized what was happening as Jordan dropped down onto one knee. The moment he asked me marry him I could hardly contain myself, I quickly said yes and in my excitement nearly forgot about the ring. After a what felt like an eternity of hugging and kissing, Jordan finally slipped the ring that signified forever on my finger.

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Then he looked up and thanked our photographer Brianna for taking our photos. I was still in shock when she told me that we would be taking photos around the arboretum for the next hour. The whole thing felt like a happy (hot) dream.

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Our amazing photographer Brianna showed us around the gardens and gave us lots of opportunities to hug and kiss despite our typical aversion to PDA. Once the shoot was over we were able to face time our parents who were patiently waiting to see our smiley newly engaged faces.

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After the Arboretum we spent the night at the Texas Rangers game and watched fireworks that felt like they were just for us. The next morning we drove to Waco and celebrated Independence Day at Magnolia Market and watched more fireworks over the Brazos River. We spent our final day in Waco searching for Fixer Upper houses, drinking coffee, and exploring an archeological dig site nearby. That night we returned to Dallas and spent our final day brunching, paddle boarding, and movie going. All and all it was the perfect trip with my forever travel buddy.

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Special Thanks

Brianna Dickson
 | Photographer
Abby Roe
 | Puppy Photos