Carly and Jérémy

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How We Met

Jérémy and I met when he was an exchange student at my high school. We were set up for a school dance by a mutual friend since we were both too shy to ask anyone. Less than 6 months after we began dating, he had to return home to Belgium. We decided that we couldn’t handle breaking up, so we decided to give long distance a go. That first stretch, we were apart for 13 months. It was the hardest thing either of us had done. When he returned to Tacoma, Washington again to visit me for the summer, it was if nothing had changed, and it still felt just as magical to be in his arms, despite being apart for so long.

While we were in college, we saw each other for 3-4 months a year, only during the summers. It has been hard, yet also has made us grow as individuals and together. Our communication skills are spot on, and I even learned french to speak to his family! We switched off who visited who each summer, and I have been lucky enough to go to Europe 3 times now! I recently graduated with my Bachelors in psychology, and Jérémy receive his masters in mechanical engineering next Summer. We will have lived on different continents for 5 years total, and then we finally get to live on the same one!! :)

how they asked

We were in Italy with Jérémy’s family and took a 5 day cruise. One of our stops with the tour group was in Verona, Italy, the city of Romeo and Juliet. We did a guided tour of the beautiful city, and then we had some free time to explore by ourselves. There was a large metal heart where people took photos next to the colosseum in the main square, and Jérémy told me to come with him, because his parents wanted to take a picture of us next to it. We walked over, hand in hand, and then Jérémy took my hands in his and said “So, 4 years ago, we went on a date that started like a movie and ended like a dream…” (The same words he had said after our first date). I realized what was happening, and the happy tears started rolling down my cheeks. Jérémy and I were both crying, when he got down on one knee and asked me to live this dream with him forever.

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I said yes, and all the people around started clapping for us, and his nieces and nephews rushed in to hug us (there are 5 of them) We were lucky to share that moment with his whole family, including his sister, Aurore who took these amazing photographs!

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Special Thanks

Aurore Salerno
 | Photographer