Carly and Jamin's Adorable Waterfall Proposal

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How We Met

I met Jamin in October of my first year of nursing school at Louisiana Tech University. Jamin was working as an ER nurse at a local hospital and had graduated that previous spring from the same nursing program. In this particular class, we were learning to start IVs, and I had requested additional opportunities for practice from one of my nursing instructors. She offered to meet up with me one morning at this local hospital, saying that she had a former student who worked there and would be happy to act as my guinea pig once his night shift ended. This generous volunteer introduced himself as Jamin, and at that moment I knew I’d be a mess practicing on this adorably handsome blue-eyed boy. He proceeded to position himself onto a stretcher and told me to get started. He and my instructor together guided me and my shaky hands through the process of venipuncture. I must have poked that boy five times before successfully starting an IV on him.

After that encounter, Jamin had forgotten my name– likely from the trauma of so many unsuccessful IV attempts– and so he started texting around, asking a couple of mutual acquaintances who I was and what they knew. About a week later, we ran into each other on LaTech campus. He asked me how school was going, and I asked him how his arms were healing. He proceeded to offer to help me study for an upcoming exam, and from there we started meeting for study sessions at a local coffee shop. One week later, we went on our first official date.

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how they asked

My best friend Angela, who happens to be a wedding photographer, surprised me with a graduation trip to Seattle, WA. A girls’ getaway was much needed after being in nursing school hibernation for the past two years! We took the trip in late August, planning to hit all the best spots– Pike Place Market, the gum wall, the original Starbucks, kayaking off of San Juan Island, and seeing the beauty of the mountains, parks and hiking trails surrounding Seattle. On that Friday (Day 3), Angela had planned a visit to a waterfall outside of Seattle called Franklin Falls.

Little did I know, that previous night, Jamin had flown from Louisiana to Seattle. He and Angela had been secretly planning this trip and proposal behind my back for months. As Angela and I were driving to the trail that would take us to the falls, Jamin was already there, patiently awaiting our arrival. It was a slow hike, as I wanted to take in the beauty of the woods and the sounds of the waterfall as we were approaching. Once Angela and I finally made it to the waterfall itself, we stood amazed and then paused for a photoshoot. While acting a fool as Angela’s “model,” I noticed a mysterious figure walking in my direction, wearing a very familiar rain jacket. I realized I was seeing Jamin’s face and despite the shock of seeing him all the way in Washington, I knew exactly what he had to be doing there. Jamin came to me and dropped down on one knee. He asked me to spend the rest of his life with him, and I said yes. We hugged, we cried, we said I-love-you’s, and then the three of us celebrated the success of such a perfectly kept secret between my two best friends!

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