Carly and Jack

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How We Met

Jack and I first crossed paths in 2013 at a New Years Eve party at a restaurant in our hometown. We locked eyes from across the room (Jack says 3-4 seconds to be exact), but it was rather brief and I left early that night so we never officially met. Many months went by and we each went on living our own separate lives- I was focused on my modeling & acting career, landing a contract with Fiat Chrysler Automotive as their spokesmodel. In the meantime, Jack was running his expanding business, a self-made company called Imagine Design & Build which specializes in custom outdoor living spaces. Both of us accomplished major goals in our professional lives during this time. It wasn’t until late of 2014 when we crossed paths again at the same restaurant! Jack says he spotted me at the bar… and in true fashion, he quickly ordered me a drink when he saw I was sitting alone. To Jack’s disappointment, my “date” soon arrived. Determined, Jack invited me to his afterparty! I went, and towards the end of the night, I was impressed enough to give him my number.

We exchanged messages for a couple of months, but couldn’t get together mainly because of my busy travel schedule. Finally, the stars aligned on July 11th, 2015- I was out with my girlfriends in downtown Detroit for a night on the town. Feeling confident, I sent a text message to Jack saying “It’s now or never!” Jack, who was out to dinner with his buddies on the other side of town, paid his bill and drove right downtown. I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw him that night- it was like this spark ignited my entire body, gravitating me to him. Pure Magic.

The magic continued on Jack’s birthday in September when he persuaded me to meet him in Vegas (flying me first class) to celebrate with friends. It was here where Jack and I shared our first kiss! Over the next few months, Jack continued to pull out all his moves- showering me in lavish flowers, fancy dates, and an ‘out of this world’ birthday celebration with all of our closest friends.

The relationship blossomed as winter passed, the new year hit, and spring rolled around. Jack told me he was “totally in love” with me after a date at Bistro Joe’s in Birmingham, MI on April 7th, 2016. As soon as he said those words to me, I felt that spark ignite again- except this time it was a full on fire in my heart. I knew we were feeling the exact same way. [This day will also become our Wedding Anniversary as we have decided to wed on April 7th, 2018.]

Many fulfilling milestones were hit as spring turned into summer- the first trip to my family cottage followed by tons of weekend getaways with our families, friends, and often just the two of us. I can’t even count how many times we threw our paddle boards on top of Jack’s SUV and just drove somewhere. We covered some of the most beautiful spots in Michigan- Torch Lake, Holland, Grand Haven, Bay Harbor, the National Sleeping Bear Dunes and tons of inland lakes. I can remember paddling out to the middle of the water and talking for hours as the sun would set. It was an absolutely incredible summer and a beautiful love story in the making.

I knew Jack was the one when we experienced what we believe to be a miracle together on the weekend of September 11, 2016. Jack and I are absolutely certain we connected with a higher power. It was a very intimate experience and I promise to write a blog about it one day. Neither Jack nor I considered ourselves particularly spiritual before this, but now, and every day since then, we are totally open minded with it comes to the power and guidance of the Universe. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be, and I knew Jack felt the same way.

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how they asked

The best day of my life was November 28, 2016. I was wrapping up at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and Jack had flown out to join me during the last couple days. We extended the California trip and even though I thought it was a bit much, Jack insisted on renting a beautiful beach house in Malibu off Pacific Coast Highway. I’ll admit I was looking forward to spending our last couple days by the ocean enjoying the privacy and relaxation that Malibu had to offer. So we drove from LA to Malibu, arriving at the beach house later in the evening. The house was a stunning place to unwind, it was facing the ocean, lofted above the water. I was tired from working many days in heels at the Auto Show, so we fell asleep early that night listening to the ocean waves rolling. I remember thinking to myself “I can’t wait to see this view in the daylight.”

The next morning, I woke up to Jack convincing me to put on a blind fold and take his hand onto the balcony. It was here where Jack revealed a balcony covered in red & white rose petals, dozens of long stem roses, and 50 carnations. There were small candles illuminating the floor spelling out ‘I ♡ You’. As he walked me onto the terrace, I looked out at that stunning view. The waves were crashing on the beach and the sun was casting over us so peacefully. The beach was quiet and tranquil, not a person in site. It was so divine it was as if the Universe had saved this special moment for just the two of us. We both were shaking when Jack dropped on one knee, reached into his pocked, and pulled out the most stunning ring I have EVER seen. A moment later, he asked me if I would marry him.

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After a few seconds in a state of surprise, amazement, and overwhelming gratitude, I said “Yes!” We embraced and celebrated this truly divine moment thanking God for bringing us together.

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Jack captured the entire proposal on his iPhone which was set up nearby. That same day (about an hour after the proposal) a friend of ours and photographer, Nicole Balsamo came out and captured some video footage and photos. We played a video I created at our private engagement party for our close family and friends. They loved it so much, they encouraged us to post it online. Our engagement video has now been viewed over 20,000 times! Our proposal photo has been shared all over social media. Jack and I are SO HUMBLED that our love story has reached these great distances! We seek to inspire other couples and those that are seeking true love. Our message is to always trust your path, even if it feels like you’re going off course. There are no wrong turns! Fate is fate. Let the Universe take control and it will bring you #EverythingYouImagine.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
Nicole Balsamo
 | Videographer
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