Carly and Greg

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How We Met

We first met in April 2016 after matching on a dating app called Hinge. We were each admittedly quite skeptical about the whole dating app scene, but had heard good things about Hinge from friends. After matching with Greg, we started chatting and I thought he seemed like a really genuine, nice, smart guy, and was also very funny. After a bit of back and forth, he asked if he could take me to dinner. He asked what part of town I lived in so that he could pick somewhere convenient to meet. Coincidentally, he suggested a restaurant that is across the street from where I live, and when I told him I live within walking distance of this restaurant, we realized we actually lived in the same apartment complex!

We had a perfect first date, and were both smitten right away. It didn’t take long for either of us to realize that this was it. We loved being together, and our relationship was easy, happy and full of laughter. We had so much in common, and had similar visions for the future. It felt as if we were meant to be, and we fell in love very quickly. We were already talking marriage after just a few months – we knew this was right, so why wait? After just 10 months of dating (the happiest months of my life!) we got engaged. Now I know what people mean when they say, “when you know, you know.”

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how they asked

On the morning of February 11, Greg told me to “pack a bag!” and that we were going away for the night. I was so excited for a surprise getaway, and he played it off as an early Valentine’s Day celebration. We ended up at Montaluce Winery in North Georgia. Upon arrival, we grabbed a glass of wine and enjoyed the atmosphere of the cozy wine bar.

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After about an hour, he suggested that we walk around and explore the grounds. We ended up at a beautiful dock on the property’s pond, and we were the only ones there expect for a small group of people a few yards away enjoying a picnic. We were chatting and enjoying the scenery, when suddenly Greg got down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen, and proposed.

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He stated that he had known since day one that he wanted to marry me. I tearfully agreed, and joyfully accepted! In another surprise twist, Greg had hired a photographer, Heather, to capture the moment, and she was one of the “people enjoying a picnic” a few yards away from the dock! I’m so happy she was there to capture our happiest moment and best day. We concluded our time at Montaluce by taking a few non-candid photos, and then had a delicious lunch at the restaurant. After lunch we headed to our cute little bed & breakfast hotel nearby where a bottle of champagne on ice was waiting for us in our room. It was truly a perfect and magical day!

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Special Thanks

Heather Etheridge
 | Photographer