Carly and Gerald

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How We Met

Carly and I met at United Rhythms Dance Studio. I was in college and just finished my classes for the day when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to visit a dance studio she had been attending. I start taking classes at the studio and there are many beautiful dancers there but I notice that Carly always had this glow about her when she danced that attracted me into staring at her every time she danced. Since going to the studio everyone there has become my second family.

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how they asked

In December I told her all I want for Christmas is to make up a dance with her to one of our favorite songs. She agreed and I instantly contacted my friend Brandon to tell him about this idea to record a dance/proposal video. I knew I wanted to propose with dance because that’s what brought us together. The reason behind the song “Wait for You” was because Carly turned me down when I first asked to hang out with her. She was in school and was busy in her job and didn’t want anything serious anytime soon. I knew she was worth the wait so I stood by by until she was ready. As we shot the video she still didn’t know what was going on but she had an idea there was something coming.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Brandon Coulute
 | Videographer/Co-Director
Javin Forrest
 | Videographer
Bryan Destin
 | Photography