Carly and Cody

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How We Met

When you know two awesome people, you try to set them up. This is exactly what Carly and Cody’s friends were working on, so when these two finally met at a friend’s apartment at the University of Cincinnati, Cody recognized her name. After a few weeks they connected again on social media and decided they were meant to be.

how they asked

Though she isn’t sure why, Carly adores carousels. When a new one opened in downtown Cincinnati, Cody knew he had to take advantage of it. He enlisted the help of a friend, who also happens to be a photographer, and she talked Carly into helping her with some mock engagement photos for “branding purposes.” Carly thought she was also talking Cody into helping against his will, but the joke (or surprise!) was on her, because he had orchestrated the entire thing. How sweet, right?

The photographer asked the couple to sneak into the carousel for some shots and told them not to draw too much attention to themselves for fear of being escorted out without a permit to shoot. She set them up and explained that when the carousel started, they were to face and then snuggle in for a few quick shots. The carousel started, they turned to face each other and Cody dropped down to one knee. You can tell by Carly’s shocked expression she was not expecting this one bit!

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A multitude of excited giggles–and a few tears–later, they went from dating to engaged. Cody definitely got it right on so many levels! And did you see that ring? Stunning! These two are thrilled and already planning the wedding for 2017.

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Special Thanks

Laura Katie
 | Photographer