Carly and Andrew

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How We Met

I moved to Tremont, Ohio with my pet pig, Poppy, in 2014. Andrew moved to the same building I lived in after moving back to Ohio from England. We would cross paths often but never spoke. One October day, Andrew approached “the girl with the pig” in hopes of striking up conversation. Apparently, I wasn’t very nice in my response (this is what he says, this is also probably true). We didn’t speak again until St. Patrick’s Day, while I was taking my pig on a walk. In passing, Andrew asked me to get a drink with him, and I agreed to it. We went to a local bar and talked the entire night. It wasn’t until then that we realized our parents lived a few streets over from one another where we grew up. We were inseparable from that day forward. The pig definitely wasn’t happy about it to say the least…

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We bought our first house and moved in together a year later. Shortly after, We rescued a puppy named Luna. We traveled quite a bit and continued to make travel plans.

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how they asked

It was time for our trip to England. He made it pretty clear prior to leaving that we weren’t getting engaged. Our families were speculating the idea, so he “didn’t want me to get my hopes up”. The UK is important to Andrew because he lived there for four years. He couldn’t wait to show me all the cities he ventured to, and the locals spots he loved. After visiting London for a few days, we drove to Bath. He took me to a local jewelry store called “Mallory Jewelry”. The store and everything in it was a complete dream. He told me to try on rings and get a feel for what I liked on my hand. I ended up loving an Art Deco ring from 1925. Assuming, we’d sleep on it and come back for the ring, I went over to a neighboring boutique. I couldn’t understand why Andrew was sweating ALL day. He took FOUR showers, it wasn’t even hot out? We got ready for dinner, and we took the scenic route to the restaurant. Andrew wanted to show me his old flat he lived in, and the park behind it. We got to the most beautiful garden in full bloom, called “The Remembrance Garden”. Andrew “sort of” got down on one knee (because it was raining, and he didn’t want to get his pants wet). I was confused because it didn’t occur to me he had purchased the ring earlier. He asked me to marry him and, of course, I said yes! It was the best day of my life.

We’ll be getting married at the Cleveland Museum of Art on September 22, 2018.

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