Carly and Andrew

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How We Met

A bunch of us went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a hibachi restaurant back in the Summer of 2014. I sat next to one of my girlfriends on one side and some kid with a really big beard on the other side. I had no clue who he was. As drinks and dinner were flowing this grizzly bearded dude, who’s name I found out was Andrew, wasn’t as scary as his appearance lead on (he actually let me eat the broccoli off his plate). He thought I didn’t know how to use the chop sticks (I blame it on the saki bombs), so I just let him “teach me”, make a guy feel good you know?

About a month later, that “birthday girl” called me and asked if she could give Andrew my number — she kept saying what a great guy he was and how we both ended relationships not too long ago and she had a good feeling. He texted me the next day and our conversation felt like we had known each other for years. It started off as us making fun of each other, to getting to know each other, to texting each other non-stop. After him asking me to hang out about 7 times I finally caved in. He took me to MILLERS for drinks (how romantic, thanks friend for the recommendation in guy). When I got there we were both wearing black on black, leather jackets, and Cons (I looked cuter though), and little did I know I would have such a fun, silly, lighthearted time (with my future hub).

After we had a few drinks and a mountain high stack of nachos, he walked me to my car and tried to kiss me (I turned him down, sorry Anj!) I went into my car and drove to my friend’s house (MOH Jillian) and said WOW I think I like him…but ugh, that beard!!! She said you never know but…I love beards (thankfully the b’yatch had a boyfriend).

As him and I talked for a few weeks I tried to come up with bets to see how I could get him to shave without coming off that I was trying to change him. So when we were hanging out one night we bet the beard on a game of pool and guess what, I WON!! He even let me shave the beard myself! When his face was finally revealed it was love at 11th sight.

Once the beard came off and we officially started dating for a few weeks, all I kept saying is how badly I wanted a bulldog and to name him Stanley. 3 days later we got a bulldog and named him Stanley. I guess you can say ever since the disappearance of the grizzly beard, life just fell into place. I will always be known as the one who turned Andrew from Duck Dynasty to my Top Gun Tom Cruise!

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how they asked

Best day evaaaaa ! I went to work but I wanted to come home early because it was my babes birthday ( my bulldog, Stanley) – I wanted to celebrate him! Dog cake, special dog food, presents the whole Shabam. I got home around 3 pm and Andrew, my now fiancé :) said to get ready we were going to a dog-friendly restaurant that also serves human food in a park type of place. I got ready real quick, I mean how cool does that sound! We drove about 20 minutes and as we got out of the car I saw a girl walking carrying a HUGE bowl of food and I got excited. I knew my dog was about to eat like a king. We continued walking through the lush forest, with greenery everywhere, streams, the sun shining and birds chirping.

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As we started to approach a bridge over a pond I noticed there were balloons and candles, I automatically screamed thinking they put this all together for Stanley’s 3rd birthday!!! As I got closer I saw the balloons were yellow (my fav color) and a big question mark ballon… I then gasped for air and wanted to faint… I all of a sudden realized this wasn’t for Stan’s birthday. This was for me, for us, the moment where my best friend was going to propose. The moment was incredible, actually perfect, the whole lead up was just amazing. I walked over the bridge and I noticed his friend in the trees videoing the entire walk up, pre and post proposal, a moment I’ll never forget.

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I couldn’t tell you what he said because I blacked out BUT I can tell you I screamed YES, 20 times! What an all-around awesome dude, awesome day and surprise. I’m not one to be surprised I always know something so for him to pull this off means even more to me.

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After leaving, We drove home, my dad, his family, and my 2 best friends were waiting for us with champagne, cake, flowers and of course gifts for Stanley’s day ( he attempted to make the cake look like a ring … tasted good but looked like a pineapple :) LIKE I SAID BEST DAY EVAAAA !!! I’m a lucky gal.

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