Carly and Alex

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our NYC Apartment

How We Met

We meet at the beginning of our junior year of college at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. This was my third year there and for her what was supposed to be her only semester at UH Mānoa for a national student exchange. I was going into my second year as an RA so I was going around my floor introducing myself to all the new residents when she was in one of the rooms of one of my residents. Carly ended up going from only planning on doing 1 semester at UH Mānoa, then to a full year, then to fully transferring. I wouldn’t say it was all me but…)

Carly and Alex's Engagement in Our NYC Apartment

Where to Propose in Our NYC Apartment

Carly's Proposal in Our NYC Apartment

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our NYC Apartment

How They Asked

If there is one thing that Carly and I have that similar, it’s competitiveness. This comes out in full swing each Easter when we do a time Easter egg hunt. We each plant 8 eggs and see how quickly we can find them by timing each other. I went first to find the eggs then she went. However, the last egg I kept in the back of my pocket.

After a few minutes of her starting to get quite aggravated about not finding the egg, I had her back to me and I got down on one knee and then finally told her I think I could help her find the last one. I grabbed the Easter egg out of my back pocket and opened the egg. The Easter egg had the ring in it and Carly was in complete awe.