Sara and Carlos

Image 1 of Sara and Carlos

How We Met

Carlos and I met in December 2012 at a show his current band, Space Brain, was playing. My friend and I went to see the show and I was instantly drawn to him! I was in the crowd secretly crushing on him to my friend; telling her how handsome I thought he was and how I admired the way he played his bass guitar. Once they finished playing, I was too shy to approach him myself so my friend suggested him and his band members join us at the bar for a few drinks. Carlos and I started talking and getting to know each other. I noticed he had an accent and joked that he was pretending. He was so easy to talk to and I felt like I had known him my whole life! He suggested we hit the dance floor together and I immediately agreed. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do but little did I know, Carlos was very nervous and did not think I’d say yes. He was so adorable dancing next to me and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling from ear to ear. Next thing I know, Carlos leaned in for a kiss! It was an absolutely beautiful night and towards the end we exchanged numbers. I honestly didn’t think he would call but he didn’t hesitate at all and we talked the next day. We spent the next few weeks going out on dates and getting to know each other better. On a date in late January, I could see he was nervous. I asked him what was wrong to which he replied, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Of course I said yes!

how they asked


After almost three years, Carlos asked me to marry him! I had just finished completing my bachelor’s degree in Event Management and my family had thrown me a surprise party with many of my family members and close friends. Towards the end of the party, my mother and aunt played a video they had been working on of me through my school years. Watching how much I’ve grown to become the woman I am today already had me in tears but at the end of the video were clips of family members telling me how proud they were of me. Some of them I haven’t seen in years as they live out of state. The only person not included in the video was Carlos. My mother announced that he wanted to give his congratulations in person. He took my hands to stand with him in front of everyone and started telling me how proud of me he was; that he’s never met someone like me. He called me “the light of all his days.” Then I noticed him reach into his pocket and say, “I want to make this forever.” I gasped in confusion. Was this really happening?! It sure was! He put the ring on my finger and everyone clapped and cheered in excitement. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. He knows how important family is to me and made them a part of this special moment. Now I’m soon to Mrs. Mejia and I am beyond happy. Words will never describe this feeling :)

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