Carlos and Patricia

how we met

Our love story started in Image 1 of Carlos and PatriciaSeptember 2014, when using an app “Insta message” which shows who is around and you can access that person’s Instagram, I saw a guy Carlos Ferreira, a gorgeous man just in case … using a Brazilian jersey.

And I liked his pics, with that name on my mind he was Brazilian like me (Ferreira is one of the most famous Brazilian last name).

I’m an international flight attendant from Brazil and on that day I was in Miami, where he lives… one month after I liked his pic, Carlos sent me a msg inbox…

A simple “hello” and I didn’t answer him… and he keep trying until a day he took my attention… after it… was one more month until I finally fly to Miami again…

And every single day we keep in touch sometimes to say nothing… but that nothing started to change my life.

We could finally see each other… I was scared, and for sure him too… we didn’t have the each other phone number… what we knew was just what the Instagram showed… but we must to try. On the day when our date would happen he was sick and he never thought to give up. I was tired after 10 hours flying with delay and everything expecting for him canceled but for my lucky it didn’t happen.. our date was a mix of anxious…scared… and hope.

And today after one year we are together… I keep telling everybody he treats me like a princess… he brings me peace… love… happiness… he keep me strong… live… and hopeful. That is the man I have praying long time asking for. That is my amazing man!!!!

how they asked

We arrived in Paris after Image 2 of Carlos and Patricia2 days from the day planned, tired and exhausted. He gave me something at the airport, after keeping me believing he just bought new clothes for that special trip for him.

Was supposed to be a dinner with his new vice president, but in that time the story change after 1 month believing on it.

At the airport he gave me a dress…
not only a dress… A PRINCESS DRESS. We run away one time we were late for the “dinner with the vice president”. The magic started, and I become a Cinderella.

We arrived at the bridge POINT BIR-HAKEIM where would have an orchestra (but not…), there we started to take pics on our phone… and our luggage with us, one time it happened 1 hour after we landed…

I keep looking around to find his vice president…A man came to me he told “BONJOUR PATRICIA?!?!”

On my mind… the man heard Carlos telling my man and he wanted to ask for payment to play music, one time he had a violin, and like we see people selling roses for couples I thought in Paris they could sell a music on Violin ahahahaha. So then… I realized… I was being a Cinderella… Carlos’ Cinderella…

Image 3 of Carlos and Patricia

After many years as a flight attend going to Paris alone seeing couple in love around Siena River… I understood I would never be alone anymore… anywhere.

Image 4 of Carlos and Patricia

Listening “thinking out loud” Ed Sheeran with VIOLIN… I became a Cinderella. Ohhhhh it didn’t end yet… from I don’t know where… came ballons… and had photographers… from where I am still trying to discover all of them came?

Image 5 of Carlos and Patricia

I saw nobody on the Bridge… only he and I!

HE PLANNED IT FOR MORE THAN 4 months, and I can tell, was the best time of my life.

Image 6 of Carlos and Patricia

Special Thanks

Pictours Paris
 | Photographer