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How We Met

All my life I dreamed with meeting my prince charming. Five years ago I met a man who has made me happy since the day he said to me: “Gati … Gati, do you want to be my girlfriend !?”. We started to live a great love story. We fell in love and we began to love each other with that kind of love that I had seen in movies and heard in romantic songs. A few weeks ago, the love of my life, my best friend, and company made me a magical and unforgettable surprise.

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Carlos and Glenda's Engagement in Barcelona, Spain

how they asked

He detailed every moment, gathered the special people of our lives and yes, he declared all his love in one of my favorite places in Barcelona. He sang me while he was playing the guitar that I was on our first date. And then, he took me to the center of a heart of pink petals made by him and knelt.

In front of everyone, on May 21 he asked me to marry him and spend the rest of our lives together. I have dreamed all my life with that moment, and see it arrive with the man that I am in love too: it makes me feel blessed by God. I fell honored that among so many he chose me to be his wife, his life partner. I love him and I love knowing that everything we have today is forever. That is only the beginning of this new stage that we will live. I love my fiancé. I will be the future wife of my best friend.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Barcelona, Spain

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