Carlie and Quinton

Image 1 of Carlie and Quinton

How We Met

Quinton and Carlie first met through a mutual friend at Steamboat Days the summer before their freshman year of high school. They quickly became friends and it stayed that way until senior year of high school. They had always hung out as friends, but Carlie decided she might have a crush on that Quam boy. So she did what any high school girl would do and she Snapchatted him and asked him if he “liked” her. After what felt like forever, he replied with a yes! Soon after Quinton and Carlie went on their first date to the movies. Carlie thought that Quinton might not even be interested in her since he didn’t even hold her hand during the movie although she kept hinting at it by kicking his leg, she was wrong. Quinton texted Carlie (I know, us Millennials and texting) on December 14th, 2012 and asked her to be his girlfriend. They went to 4 high school dances together and graduated together.

After they graduated high school, Quinton and Carlie went to SCC to begin taking college classes. After a year, Quinton transferred to Iowa State University to begin his journey in becoming a mechanical engineer. Carlie was happy for him, but she still had another year at SCC to complete before transferring to the University of Northern Iowa to study elementary education. The distance wasn’t easy on them, but they were SO thankful for Skype. There were many weeks and months in between seeing one another, which wasn’t easy. Although it was tough, Quinton and Carlie trusted one another and trusted that the Lord would reveal His plan for their lives. In 2017, Quinton and Carlie graduated with degrees from their colleges and moved back home to Burlington. They survived long distance!

how they asked


On February 3, 2018, Quinton took Carlie out to a late lunch at The Broadway. He had asked her if she wanted to go to Target and then walk by the river since it was a little warmer than it had been. After lunch, they strolled around Target (Carlie’s favorite store) and then drove down to the riverfront. (Quinton and Carlie used to walk by the river all the time) They were talking about how cool the water looked with it being half frozen. Carlie noticed that Quinton was being quieter than normal, but didn’t really worry about it. As they walked toward the gazebo, Quinton mentioned how they always used to walk along this path. When they got to the end of the sidewalk, he asked Carlie if she was ready to turn around. While holding hands, Carlie turned around. The thing was, Quinton didn’t move. Carlie, a little confused, asks “What are you doing?” Quinton responds with a sigh and says “Ohhh Carlie.” At this point, she gets the feeling that something is up, but still unsure what is going on with him. At this moment Quinton reaches his hand in his coat pocket, gets down on one knee, and asks Carlie to be his wife! Without any hesitation, Carlie said YES!

Special Thanks

Nikki Creighton
 | Photographer