Carlie and Joseph

Photos by Chelsea Patricia Photography

Carlie + Joseph were both in need of a prom date. A couple of friends (and their coach) intervened (the coach threatened to bench Joseph if he didn’t ask her out!) and now, 6 years later, they are getting married!

Now, their proposal (as written by their photographer Chelsea Patricia):

Carlie had spent the entire morning studying for a Physics exam, and Joseph had been “working on a group project,” or so she thought. Joseph suggested that it was time for her to take a study break with his cousins and relax by the pool. However, the weather was uncooperative. While waiting on the rain to stop at the pool, the lifeguard walked up to Carlie holding a white envelope in his hand and asked, “Is there a Carlie here?” Thinking that she may have gotten a parking ticket, Carlie softly spoke up, “Yes???” The lifeguard handed her the envelope without a word. Inside was a rhyme that read: “The time has come to get out of the sun, and go have some fun. Home is where you need to go to find your next clue. Dont delay or I’ll be blue.”

She then briskly walked home. Okay, so really, let’s be honest–she ran. After ransacking the downstairs, Carlie walked (ran) upstairs and found another rhyme on her bed. This rhyme read: “Your journey will begin at a place you know well. Take a guess, I bet you can tell. It’s where you found your most favorite male. PS: You have an hour to be ready. If not, we ain’t going steady.” Carlie was ready in record time (too bad Guiness wasn’t there to see), at which point she was picked up by Michael, a chauffeur hired by Joseph. The first stop was, of course, her and Joseph’s high school. She made her way to the gym (again, running) to find a small table in the center covered in a white cloth, a rose, and a letter. This letter was from Coach Chris (who was partly responsible for setting Carlie + Joseph up in the first place) and his wife, Leigh. The end of the letter instructed Carlie to go to the place where Joseph took her on their first date.

Upon arrival, Carlie entered the restaurant and told the host her name. The host then handed her another rose and a letter and told her precisely where to be seated. The seat was the same exact spot in which they had dined on that first date. The letter this time was from Joseph. According to Carlie, “It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever written me.” She began to cry, and as the tears fell down her cheeks, Michael was there to wipe her tears (as he had been instructed by Joseph).

The final stop was a park that Carlie’s dad used to take her and her sister to when they were kids. Another rose and a letter were waiting for her on the bridge at the park. This letter was from Carlie’s father. Once again, the tears fell from her eyes. At the bottom of his letter, her dad wrote, “What are you waiting for? Go find your man!” Immediately, she started sprinting through the park (with Michael still trying to hold the umbrella over her). Rose petals led the way, and not too far away, she found Joseph waiting for her at the top of a hill. He took her by the hand and together they walked down the hill to a table right on the river, set for two with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. The chairs were heart-shaped, in the center of the tablecloth was embroidered their married initials, with his name, her name, the date, and a blank space for their wedding date. THE ring was sitting on top of that tablecloth, plainly in sight. Despite the obvious point of the day, they proceeded to talk easily, as the best friends and soulmates that they are. He relayed the name of the street–Ready Street–and spoke to her about how he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. He then had her stand so that he could kneel before her to present his proposal.

After this pivotal moment, both Carlie + Joseph’s family and some friends came running from behind the benches and trees where they had watched the WHOLE proposal! Carlie + Joseph then carved their initials into a tree  and headed to Our Place Cafe for a romantic dinner. And, as if Joseph hadn’t done well enough as it was, Carlie was in for one more surprise: he had invited many more of their friends and family, who were waiting on the floor of the restaurant that Joseph had reserved for the occassion. To sum it all up, Carlie says, “It was the most exciting and emotional day of my life!”

Story and photography provided by Atlanta wedding photographer Chelsea Patricia. Check out more of Carlie and Joseph’s engagement photos on Chelsea’s blog!