Carlie and Collin

how we met

We met at Tampa General Hospital. He is a Physician assistant. And I am a registered nurse. His Critical care group services the intensive care unit I work in. He brushed me off the first time I interacted with him and I thought he wasn’t interested, but he always tells me he was!

how they asked

I am completely oblivious so of course I had no idea it was happening when it was happening! He took me and our two French bulldogs for a picnic on Davis Island. While watching the sunset he gave me a book full of pictures from our two years of dating. After looking through the book and talking about our relationship he asked me to put a sign on our dog Jax. The sign said “Mommy will you marry Daddy.” He got down on one knee and gave me a blue ring pop. ( anytime he asked about what ring I would want I responded with a blue ring pop please). I said definitely, maybe ( we always say this to each other when agreeing on plans) and then he gave me the real ring !! Which I also didn’t expect!

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