Carli and Jeffrey

how we met

Jeff and I met in January of 2013 while in college at the University of North Florida. Our paths first crossed during a Shabbat dinner at our local Chabad. As fate would have it, we were both from the same home town and were raised about 10 miles from each other. Shortly after meeting, Jeff asked me on our first date to the Cheesecake Factory. While we both really liked each other, Jeff was in his last semester of undergraduate school and heading to law school in the summer. We both knew the timing just wasn’t right for us.

Over the next five years, our paths would continue to cross time and time again. We both ended up at the same graduate school in South Florida. We also somehow even managed to bump into each other on the other side of the world, while in Israel on our Birthright trip. Jeff always wanted that second date, but I loved the friendship we had built over the years.

It took me five years, but I finally agreed to a second date in October of 2017. After that date, we were confident that we were going to spend our lives together. Life just kept getting better and better as we enjoyed all of life’s beautiful moments together. The highlight of our relationship is when we adopted our fur baby, Olivia. Olivia is an Australian Labradoodle and we are both absolutely obsessed with her.

how they asked

In February 2019, Jeff asked me to marry him. Our paths that kept crossing, joined together that day and we absolutely love traveling together with our sweet baby Olivia. Our love story is a reminder that you don’t meet people by accident. There is a reason why we cross paths with those that we do. We are so grateful our paths crossed when they did and that we always trusted that timing is truly everything.

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