Carley and Kody

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How We Met

We met when we were 15. Freshmen in high school. We have been inseparable ever since! We watched each other graduate high school to buying our first cars. We have come along way and I can’t wait for forever with him!

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How They Asked

Kody had been planning the proposal for a while. He had decided to do it on the cruise we were going on with his family and my sister. He never dropped hints he wanted it to be a total surprise! One night we got all dressed up for dinner and after we ate we went into the ballroom area in the middle on the ship. There were lots of people around and a small band playing the violin. He tricked me into thinking we were taking pictures so he brought me into the middle of the room and told me he loved me and got down on one knee! I was so surprised but so happy and still am so excited to marry that man!!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Andrew johnson
 | Photography/brother in Law
Jessica wikle
 | Sister/ planner