Carley and Justin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, FLorida

How We Met

Thanks to some friends, Justin and I first crossed paths in our freshman year of college. He was one of the very few people at our New York State school that were from out of state, so naturally, he was the one I fell for. Neither of us was in the mindset of falling in love and frankly it was not, love at first sight. Don’t get it twisted, I always thought he was noticeably handsome but I was not looking for a relationship and, well if we’re being honest, he thought I was a bit too wild for him. However, as time passed and we started to hang around each other more and more, something was growing between us and I don’t even think we realized it until one day our group hangouts became solo hangouts and all we wanted to do was learn about each other’s worlds.

Before long we were spending all our time together and an innocent friendship grew into something so much more. And then…the worst day happened; Justin headed back to Florida where he finished out the rest of his college career. The next three-and-a-half were some of the hardest but we pushed through and can confidently say that our long distance has shaped our relationship into what it is today.

Justin and I were two young people who came from two totally different walks of life and beyond that have completely different personalities. But somehow it works. He completes me in ways I never thought. He keeps me grounded but still encourages me to dream beyond the stars. He wipes my tears but lets me know it’s okay to cry. He makes me laugh when I’m mad and holds me when I’m down. Without him, life wouldn’t be the same and I can’t wait to take his last name.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, FLorida

How They Asked

Justin and I have this corny thing we do where whenever we look at the clock and it’s 11:11 we make a wish. We could never tell each other what the wish was or else it wouldn’t come true but on this day Justin made all my wishes come to life. On Sunday, November 11, 2018, my day started with random acts of kindness with people “paying it forward” from getting breakfast with my sister all the way to getting our nails done. My sister was in town visiting and we were on our way to what I thought was a fancy dinner until she pulled out an IPad and handed it to me. I watched and cried my way through to most thoughtful montage of our relationship and witnessed Justin asking all of my family members, and most importantly my father, for their blessings.

Proposal Ideas Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, FLorida

Carley's Proposal in Kraft Azalea Garden, Winter Park, FLorida

When the video was over we pulled up to Azalea park where Justin was waiting for me. I was so nervous it felt like I was meeting him for the first time! He spoke the most beautiful words to me but the whole time I just kept saying to myself “is this really happening!!”. With my heart pounding and hands shaking I grabbed his face as he stood there on one knee and said I Do! And as if all of that wasn’t enough, he had an after party set up for us to celebrate with our family and friends and even had my parents and brother fly in from New York to be a part of our day and it truly was the best day ever.

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