Carley and Jason

How We Met

We met through work… lame! Honestly, I could not be happier that I took the job now. Everything that leads up to our engagement has made our relationship what it is.

how they asked

This day definitely did not end up how I thought! We got up early, packed up all of our stuff, and headed out into the woods behind my dad’s house for Spring Turkey season. After 3 hours of trying to sit quietly but actually giggling about ridiculous things, we realized we just weren’t going to see a Turkey. I didn’t care, I was in my favorite place with my favorite guy, I would have sat there all day! We decided to pack it up, I was feeling disappointed, another year and no Turkey in site. I packed up my gun, the chairs, and everything else inside our ground blind. When I came out and looked around I could see him anywhere, I figured he was pulling the blind stakes out of the ground. Walking around to the front of the blind I see him down on a knee… I’m pretty sure my heart stopped. I gasped “OH MY GOSH,” he asks “Babe, will you marry me?” Well, of course, I said yes! We spent a moment soaking it all in and then started our walk back out of the woods. The funniest part, we had a full conversation about how disappointed we were about not seeing Turkeys, not about the fact that WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!