Carley and Blair

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How We Met

Blair and I attended school at Rogers State University in Claremore, Ok during the Fall semester of 2014. I was a senior on the softball team and Blair was a transfer junior on the baseball team. We met for the first time August 22, 2014 at the baseball/softball complex while hanging out with a mutual group of friends. At the time I was in the middle of ending a rocky relationship and I was no where ready to begin dating again, or so I thought. From the moment I met Blair, I knew there was something extremely special about him. Blair, myself and a large group of friends ended up going to dinner together that same night and I could not take my eyes off of him. He was very attractive, very polite and most importantly a Man of God. We ended up hitting it off that night at dinner and I remember laying in bed that night thinking this was the kind of man I wanted in my life. A few days later we ended up exchanging number and our first date consisted of going fishing at 6 a.m before both of us had to be in class. Fishing dates turned into dinner dates and dinner dates turned into movie dates and it wasn’t long until we were inseparable. On October 1, 2014 I came back into my dorm room from softball practice to find Blair with a dozen roses and sweet letter explaining his feelings for me. Beside the roses, there was a softball that had the words “Will you officially be my princess?” written on them. (Inside joke on calling me a princess) I was beyond ecstatic when he asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked

Blair is extremely romantic and his proposal was more than anything I could of ever imagined. For starters, I am the best at figuring out surprises so when Blair pulled off this proposal without me having any idea I was in complete shock. About 6 months before the proposal we had talked about getting engaged and married but Blair had me convinced that it was just not the right time and that financially he wasn’t prepared for that yet.

About a month before we headed off to our yearly week long ski trip to Keystone, Colorado with my family I had this idea that Blair might propose. I quickly squashed that idea because Blair and I were inseparable and he had not had any free time to go pick out a ring. It’s always been such a special vacation for me because it’s a full week of love, laughter and a lot of quality time spent with my Dad. My dad and brothers have always been so special to me and I told Blair from the beginning that I wanted my dad around to witness the proposal.

On the drive up to Colorado, I could not get the thought of Blair proposing out of my head. I even texted and called a few of my close friends about it and they all told me I shouldn’t get my hopes up. We typically spend 5 days in Colorado and by the last night I had come to the realization that it wasn’t going to happen. December 20, 2015 was the last night we were spending in Colorado and Blair and I had both decided we wanted to go out for a dinner and shop around before we headed home early the next morning. We both showered and got dressed up to head out to dinner. On the way out of the condo my uncle asked if he could take a few pictures of us outside in front of the trees since it started snowing. Me being the picture lover that I am quickly agreed and rushed outside not thinking anything of it. My uncle began snapping a few pictures of us and it wasn’t long before Blair fell to one knee in the snow and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him with the most gorgeous ring I had picked out 4 months earlier. The tears poured for the both of us as Blair put the ring on my finger while we were both shaking uncontrollable. I looked back at the condo to find that my dad and brothers had witness the whole proposal along with my niece, nephews, step-mom and sister-in-law. It was the perfect proposal for the two of us and I was so happy my dad was able to witness it!

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