Carlene and Ryan

How We Met

Yes, we swiped right— but it’s not what you think….

Our story began in March 2016 at Eureka! in Irvine, California. Carly, a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, was referred to the microbrewery by a friend who said that they had “the best coffee ever.” Up for the challenge, Carly sits at the bar with a steaming cup of espresso and a book in her hand. Coincidentally, Ryan happens to be sitting several barstools down for an after-work happy hour when he notices the odd & out of place girl. He proceeds to warn her: “You realize that you’re drinking coffee in a bar, right?” (Yes, babe, I did). The coffee sucked but the conversation was delightful. Ryan asks for Carly’s number and takes her back to Eureka! for their first date. No coffee was consumed this time. Ryan goes home “giddy” with a bruised arm (apparently as the laughing escalated, so did the arm tapping) and Carly rushes to the car to call her friends Gina and Jo and tell them all about Ryan’s baseball muscles and the butterflies he gave her. Later that night while trying to delete the dating app, Bumble, Carly discovers that she and Ryan did actually “swipe right” on each other a few weeks prior. But as fate would have it, Carly needed to drink a crappy cup of coffee at a bar to meet the love of her life. Lucky for Ryan, the virtual conversation never amounted to anything other than “hi” and if it had, would our dear Fork have mustered the courage to approach the book nerd at the bar? We’ll never know. So for now, Eureka! does what it does best: beers and burgers and Carly & Ryan have vowed to keep an open mind in their future caffeine endeavors. Chock it up to a friend’s bad recommendation, God’s plan, or even destiny, either way, it all started in a bar over a crappy cup of coffee.

Carlene's Proposal in NYC- Central Park

how they asked

Ryan got down on one knee on December 8th, 2017 in New York City. Carly and Ryan traveled to the Big Apple to see the Christmas decorations. Knowing that Central Park was one of Carly’s favorite places, he made sure to schedule that stop first. With a 6 am wake-up call to begin their busy day, Carly was reluctant to get such an early start. They arrived at the park practically empty, so Ryan slyly asked the only passerby to snap their picture. Apparently, only 3 shots weren’t going to cut it, so Ryan asked the gentleman to take just one more as Carly rolled her eyes (“Babe, we don’t need another one”). That “one more” was the proposal and as it turns out, the kind man who took their picture was no stranger at all.

Ryan coordinated the big surprise with a coworker from his Bank’s New York office. Ryan could not have gotten it more perfect because an engagement at Christmas time is Carly in a nutshell. Before calling friends and family, as it was only 6 am West Coast time, they celebrated the special moment with champagne at the Plaza Hotel.

Where to Propose in NYC- Central Park