Carleigh and Paul's Magical Proposal

proposal photos 2After spending the day hiking and exploring Dahlonega, Paul informed me that we were going to see a some sort of show that night for my birthday, but that it was a surprise. I legitimately had absolutely no clue what was about to ensue. While getting ready Paul laid an outfit he had bought for my “birthday” on my bed along with a letter entailing instructions not to leave my room until 5:40. He explained that anything I may need to get ready, Shannon (my sister) would get for me. One would think that I would have had somewhat of an idea at this point, but because Paul tends to have something creative, thoughtful, and/or adventurous up his sleeve, I still was clueless, and thought that we were just about to go on a birthday scavenger hunt.

So Shannon successfully distracted me for over an hour, until it was time to begin the “birthday” festivities. I opened my door to find a little lantern candle with a taped envelope on it and more instructions to follow the trail. I expected the letter inside the envelope to be from Paul, but instead it was a beautifully written birthday letter from my Emily, one of my very best friends since the 7th grade!


From there, the trail of lantern candles from my room leading outside included heartfelt happy 25th birthday letters from some of my dearest, most cherished best friends. I will keep and treasure those letters forever ladies! At the end of the candle, lantern, letter trail began a lumineer trail leading to my backyard. I saw Paul standing at the end of the lumineers, and I was overwhelmed with affection, so I dropped off the letters in the provided pintresty “Place Letters Here” bucket and immediately took off running to him. Still I legitimately thought this was all for my 25th birthday. Once I ran into his arms, hundreds of little lights in the trees immediately came on, and I thought to myself “Wow, he sure does do birthdays big!”




Throughout our dating Paul had written letters to remind me that I am loved and I am cherished. Paul then began reading his beautifully written letter to me, and at the end of the letter, that is when it happened….the love of my life got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!




I immediately exclaimed “YES!”, and I could not contain my excitement! I then celebrated and rejoiced with my family until Paul asked if I wanted to go to downtown Woodstock for a little bit.

So we did, and as Paul explained things, I was so overwhelmed with the beautiful reminder that God does immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine! And I was just absolutely ecstatic and grateful to have the privilege to spend the rest of my life with such a an incredible man!


When we got back, I opened my front door to a surprise engagement party with some of our very closest friends! Once again, I could not contain my excitement! Throughout the rest of the night, we got to rejoice and celebrate even more with some of the most incredible, influential people in our lives! I was so overwhelmed with pure joy and gratitude!


Proposal Ideas Behind my Parents house in the woods