Carleigh and Michael

Where to Propose in Our new home

How We Met

Michael and I met in 2012 not too long after him and I both had just gotten out of long high school relationships. I remember he messaged me on Facebook out of the blue saying “hey cutie” haha and my thought was “oh boy here we go”. I messaged back and we had such great conversation chemistry but hadn’t met yet.

Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and came to my house after his work shift and we met! We just sat in his blue mustang and talked for hours!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our new home

We dated on and off for 4 years, but the timing never seemed right and we had a lot of growing up to do!

Finally, in 2016 we rekindled that spark and fell in love all over again! We are each other’s very best friends!

Carleigh's Proposal in Our new home

I have never smiled and laughed so much with anyone in my life.

We still had to do a lot of learning about each other. I have depression and anxiety and that was something Michael had never really had to deal with before. It took some time, but Michael jumped right into learning everything he could about how to be there for me through my struggles and love me through every emotion, good and bad. We are such a strong couple in so many ways, but I’m so proud of how we’ve learned to communicate.

While I am a St Louis Wedding Photographer and Michael is my second shooter as well as the Director of Operations for a moving company, we keep ourselves very busy, but never lose sight of the importance of our relationship.

Proposal Ideas Our new home

In January 2019, we began looking for a home to buy!!

In March 2019 we bought an adorable fixer-upper on 2.5 acres! For the next 4 months, we worked every single day on our home making it exactly what we dreamed of!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our new home

How They Asked

Sunday, August 4th, 2019 we moved into our wonderful new home!!

Thanks to Michael working for a moving company he got lots of help from his awesome friends and coworkers! It felt like one big move in the party! Little did I know, it was planned that way. We had our parents and family and friends all there to help move us in, unpack, and celebrate the new chapter!

Through our process of working on our home, we had a “to do” list! The very last box in the big letter said: “move in!!” Michael brought us the board and said “we need to check off our last box! Let’s get our parents and family in here!” I agreed and we set down the board and got ready for the fun photo opp! I noticed the smudged the letters so I bent down to fix the letters. I was looking at that board fixing the letters for a solid minute or so and didn’t notice that Michael added a box on the checklist…

He kept telling me “fix the bottom right!” And I look at the board confused not seeing any other smudged kept saying “where!?”

That’s when I saw the box. “Say Yes”

I quickly looked at Michael saying something along the lines of “are you kidding!?” Plus some not so friendly language lol watch the video for that fun reaction!

He looked at me with tears in his eyes and the box upside down (I didn’t even notice) and said: “will you!?” I hugged him and said yeah!!!!

I didn’t want to let him go I was so so happy and completely surprised! I really thought I’d know when he would propose and I had no clue!! It was the best moment of my life thus far and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life!

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