Carleigh and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I have known each other since we were in middle school. We met through mutual friends on walks home from school. It wasn’t long before he and his friends were riding their bikes to my house to hangout on the weekends. We’d all sit on this over sized rock in my parent’s front yard and talk for hours. We didn’t realize then that this would become the new hangout spot for a couple of years to come and I didn’t realize the HUGE crush I would develop on Matt.

About a year or 2 later, when Matt was a freshman, and I was in eighth grade he walked from the high school to my house to come over and watch a Christmas movie before his basketball game. I noticed he was a little nervous, but I knew he was pretty shy so I didn’t think much of it. After the movie and before he left, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was shocked and so excited! The boy who I’ve had the biggest crush on (and a HIGH SCHOOLER) asked ME to be his girlfriend. HOW COOOL! (lol) December 19, 2005. We’d never forget that date.

Flash forward to eight years later, newly single Matt texted my best friend, Kristen. Kristen and I were workin’ on out fitness at the gym at the time. I remember her looking at her phone slightly confused and said, “Matt Saffo texted me!?” Little did we know at the time, he actually meant to text a DIFFERENT Kristen in his phone and boy am I glad he didn’t! Remembering the old times hanging out on the rock, I told her to tell him I said “Hi” and that we should all hangout one night. Well, I didn’t think that night would be that SAME night.

It was a Thursday night, November 7, 2013. When Dana and I decided we wanted to go out to BAR and have some drinks. We invited Matt along and headed out to catch up. The three of us walked in arm-and-arm (literally – Matt had both his arms around two adorable old friends – I’m sure he felt so cool LOL) into BAR and began catching up and talking about life. At some point I mentioned I like when guys ask if they can kiss me first because its respectful and sweet. Dana being Dana obviously disagreed.

We made our way over to Geronimo where Matt braved Dana and I’s favorite margarita pitchers, the cool pepper (a cucumber and jalapeno margarita). I had no idea Matt didn’t like exotic drinks because he downed them like a champ! The bar eventually closed and we headed home. Dana didn’t know, but Matt and I wanted to catch up some more afterward at his house. We texted back and forth about how to go off on our own because I felt bad leaving my poor little Dana alone the rest of the night. Like the gentleman he is, he respectfully let Dana know he’d be stealing me from her the rest of the night and of we went into his family room.

We flipped through the channels and I eventually decided on the Poltergeist. Who knew this would set the tone for all the movies we’d end up watching on Netflix for the next four years?! After talking for a little while Matt pulled me in close and sweetly said, “Would it be okay if I kissed you?” Of course I nodded my head “Yes”.

It was in that moment that I completely melted and that crush that I had eight years ago suddenly came back.

how they asked

Matt and I LOVE fall in New England and we are ALSO huge fans of Halloween. One of our favorite movies to watch is Hocus Pocus. So, its not surprise that every October we spend a weekend in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem this time of year is usually filled with people and lots of hustle and bustle so we always head to one of our favorite little quiet spots. Down by the water and the house of seven gables is a little light house. Every year we walk down the LONG pier and take some selfies. Well this year, Matt asked if he can take one of me looking out at the water. I agreed, turned around, flipped my hair, and candidly posed. After a couple of seconds I turned around to see the picture. Well, to my surprise he was down on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen!!!!!

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I quickly ripped my sunglasses off and tried not to bawl my eyes out in happiness because a photographer popped out from behind the light house to capture more of this amazing moment! All I remember is him saying “Carleigh Christine Crowder…” and I’m pretty sure I said “yes!” before even letting him finish (lol). I can NOT wait to be this amazing man’s wife!!!! <3

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