Carlee and Joaquim

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How We Met

I never thought dating people that I work with was a good idea but there was something about Joaquim that caught my attention. He was so outgoing (completely opposite from me) and very very respectful. Not to mention super hot.

He always made me laugh and slowly kept dropping hints that we should hang out. I finally gave in and we went on a few dates and that’s when I knew I had to break my no dating co-workers rule. He was worth the risk :) 2 years later on Christmas Day he’s down on one knee!

how they asked

It was just an average Christmas morning. We had our annual cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then watched my niece and nephew open all of their presents. When Joaquim finally arrived I was so excited to give him his gift and then it was my turn to open my presents. I got some pretty nice stuff; gift cards, perfume, candles. When I was finished opening them Joaquim told my niece Emilee that she should give me what she made me from school earlier that week. My niece always makes me adorable things from school or church so I didn’t think anything of it until I started unwrapping it. That’s when I realized it wasn’t something she made, it was a custom ornament that he created saying “will you marry me?” That’s when I looked up and he was down on one knee with my nephew by his side holding a sign that said “SAY YES AUNTIE!” My entire family was in on the surprise holding out their phones to capture the look on my face and tears of joy in my eyes even though they all knew I was going to say yes in a heartbeat! The moment I said yes my nephew turns the sign around and the other side said “SHE SAID YES!” Clearly one of the best days / Christmases of my life!

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