Carla and Weston

How We Met

We met in 2014 while we were working together at Meijer. We actually didn’t hit it off right away, but after getting to know each other better outside of work we starting dating in March 2015.

How they asked

For Carla, the proposal was a TOTAL surprise. That is evident as she was wearing a sweatpants and a sweatshirt when it happened. We were camping in Bear Lake, Michigan for the weekend with Carla’s parents in July 2018. Wes insisted the one thing he wanted to do that weekend was go to the beach to see the sunset. Carla was happy to do whatever so she made sure we had time to do that. We went to the beach in Empire, where we had gone in the past to see sunsets. That night it was pretty cloudy, but Carla still wanted to try because it was what Wes really wanted to do. When we pulled up the parking lot was full, which was unusual for this place at this time. It turns out there was a family reunion happening at the park near the beach. Wes seemed pretty annoyed by this and Carla was a little confused by that, but didn’t think too much of it.

We got up to the spot that overlooks the water which is where we had taken photos in past summers. Wes said he wanted to go closer to the water, something we had never done at this park because it was about a twenty foot drop to get down from where we were standing to the beach. But Carla just went along with it. Carla’s mom came down as well to take the pictures, which Carla still didn’t think anything of because taking photos by the beach was something we often do up north. We took a few then Wes gave Carla a hug. After a second, he backed up and looked at her and said, “I have a question.” Carla thought he was kidding and at first just laughed, until she saw him reaching for his pocket. As soon as Wes pulled out the box with the ring, Carla immediately started crying and just kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God!” Wes kept it simple, just saying “Will you marry me?” which was a good thing because Carla was crying so much she wouldn’t have heard anything else anyways.

Of course Carla said yes and as Wes was trying to put the ring on her finger he actually had to tell her to hold still because Carla kept moving her said so much because she was so surprised. Carla’s mom ended up getting great pictures and a video of the moment thanks to Carla’s dad. He apparently knew what was going on even though Wes didn’t tell anyone he was doing it that day!


Special Thanks

Mandie Forbes
 | Photographer