Carla and Justin

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how we met

Carla: We met 3 years ago at an organization for international students in college. We had a mutual friend who invited us for drinks on his birthday, which led to some misunderstandings and ended up falling out of touch. A few months later, Justin invited me to a concert and I showed up. We had the best time of our lives that night. Since then, we haven’t stopped talking to each other, getting to know each other, and falling deeper in love for each other day by day.

There was a time in my life when I felt so lost and frustrated by the decisions I have made for myself that I called out to God for help. One of the things I asked from Him is the person that I will spend the rest of my life with. I vowed to never fall in love with anyone unless that person is the one God wants for me. I don’t know how I would know that, but when I met Justin I just knew.

What I love about him the most is his relentless effort to make my life better every day. He is my ultimate companion in all things good or bad. From simple phone calls, hang outs, analytical discussions (philosophies, theories, EVERYTHING), and crazy adventures on good days to consolations, pep talks, and warm hugs on bad days, Justin has been my one and only soulmate. The only one who knows how my heart and soul feels and how to make them happy.

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Justin: I knew she was the one the moment I realized I loved her more than myself. Our situation was one that would put my ego at risk, my self-worth under scrutiny and my will under extreme duress but I found myself casting my pride away and pursuing her full throttle. I asked God to make me His channel of love for her everyday that she would always know and remember how precious she is to Him.

She gives a purpose to my everyday. From sunrise to sunrise, I find myself ready to move mountains just to see her smile for me. She’s my partner and best friend in all that we do. In all our interests and hobbies, we choose to share and discuss it with with each other even when there are lots of other people around. She always chooses me snd she would fight to the bone to defend our relationship.

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how they asked

We went on a private boat tour in the Hudson River on my first day in NYC. We were supposed to see the NY skyline, Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge. By the time we got to the Brooklyn Bridge, the sun was set perfectly at the edge of the horizon and at that moment he proposed to me.

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As adventurous as we are, we both understand that as migrant souls wherever we find ourselves in this world, wherever our travels lead us, as long as we’re together, we have all that we need. On our little boat with God as our captain, we’ll sail along the rivers of this life filled with faith and confidence in the lasting happiness of our relationship.

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