Carla and Joseph

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How We Met

My father travels a lot for his missionary trips. One of these trips, he met Joseph’s sister Hallie. My father met Hallie and told her “I have a daughter that you are going to love it!I am sure you girls are going to become friend!” Long story short, I met her and she invited me to go to her “go away party”. I am from Brazil, Joseph’s family is from US. They were leaving in Brazil and there were where we met.

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Last minute, I decided to go to the party because my cousin wanted to do something that night which was perfect because i didnt want to go there alone. I remember like yesterday that as soon as i crossed the door I saw him all the away to the other side of the room. I felt something so weird. All I knew was that I need to find a way to introduce myself. We didn’t talk much that night but I found a way to see him again.

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The same week we met, i was lucky enough and there was a party at his college. Of course I went to the party with a friend! We ended up kissing and almost 8 years later here we are together!

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Life with him is so natural! We all have our problems on our relantionship, but Joseph showed me a side of love i have never seen before. During all these time together, we spent 2 years in Brazil where we met, we lived 2 years apart while he lived in Ghana, Africa, and we moved together to the US and here we are so far 3 years and a half.

I can’t wait to keep exploring the World with him!

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How They Asked

As I was sharing before, I and Joseph are together for quite a while. We completed 6 years in August on the year he proposed. I need to say that his timing was not the best because I was so ready to bring our relationship to another step and I thought he wasn’t.

He was trying to schedule this trip for so long but I was studying so much for the GRE test to apply for my master’s degree that we ended up pushing your trip to November.

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I really didn’t expect that he would propose the way he did but it couldn’t be more us. He knows how much I romanticized this moment so much and how much I love traveling and adventure. We went to Yosemite National Park and he tried to purpose on the first day but the snow was so bad that he couldn’t find “el Capitan mountain” and he had all planned out on his head.

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On our second day there, the first thing we did in the morning was trying to find this mountain. I really didn’t expect that, and I thought he was obsessed with this mountain because of this documentary he saw on Hulu.

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He asked me to take a picture with him in front of the mountain and after that, he turned and started saying how much he loved me and how he would love to share the rest of his life adventuring with me. So he went down on his knee and proposed!!!!! I was so nervous that the first thing I said was “FINALLY!!!” And after that, I said “YES!!!!”

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After that, I found that when we went to Brazil for Christmas the year before he talked with his parents saying that he was ready to propose to me. While we were there, he secretly drew the ring so his parents could do it. His parents own a Jewelry store in Brazil. So his parents came to Texas in March of that year and brought the ring. And he asked my father’s permission in July when my parents came to visit us.

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