Carla and Jon

how we met

Jonathan would say that he met me at a work training, when I walked in late and sat across from him. We were asked to introduce ourselves to the table but I was too caught up on the awful day I had at school that I vaguely remember that moment. What I do remember clearly was the immediate pleasure I felt after eating a jolly rancher from the candy he had brought to share with the table. I would say that we met at my dream job. The job that would help me build a stronger foundation to the career I was pursuing. I was focused. I had a plan. A routine. A life. I would also say that he sneaked into my life; in a very charming, unassuming, unexpected way. His spontaneous humor and adventurous spirit drew me closer to him everyday to the point where my favorite job was not the primary reason I was excited to go to work.

how they asked

A: We talked about getting married many times but the actual proposal was a complete surprise. He knows the way to my heart is a delicious meal paired with the perfect drink. He wanted to pick a place where I could feast on a delicious meal and bubbly, and where our closest friends and family could witness his proposal. After visiting most of the wineries in Temecula, he designated Wilson Creek Vineyards as the location our proposal would take place. After our brunch, we walked through the vineyard and when we reached the end I saw a large crown approach us with a banner held by my niece and nephew that said “Will you be my number one forever?” I felt heat rush through my whole body and I tried to hide in my hands and then in his arms. I could hear one of our favorite country tunes playing in the background and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. For the rest of that day, we celebrated with lots of champagne and dancing.

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