Carla and Holmes

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How We Met

Carla and Holmes met January 4th 2011 while both attending Carla’s cousin, David’s birthday party at The Griffin in Downtown Las Vegas. David had insisted to Carla that the two meet for years…he knew it all along! The two spent the evening discussing Ireland (Holmes in a Celtic hoodie and Carla having just returned from the Emerald Isle) and Eagles football as Carla wore a kelly green Kangol cap and had also recently been to a Cowboys/Eagles game at the new AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

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Wanderlust soon overtook the couple with travels to San Francisco, Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Chicago, Washington DC, Lake Tahoe, Yelapa, Winter Park, San Jose and occasionally to Lake Tahoe.

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how they asked

Forever a Golden State Warriors fan, Carla watched the 2014-2015 season glued to the tv and her new iphone apps that would update scores for her automatically. She watched from the couch in the couple’s living room as the team won game after game and her favorite player, Steph Curry, took home league MVP honors. Holmes knew he wanted to propose somehow in coordination with the Warriors, but trying to figure out if/when the team would win the championship proved tricky. The team would go on to win the NBA Championship on June 16th, 2015. Carla cried in her livingroom and Holmes secretly and immediately began plans for a proposal around opening night of the 2016 season.

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October 27th, 2015 was not only opening night for the championship team, it was also the night the team was to receive their rings and raise the banner inside Oracle Arena. Holmes made plans with family and friends to ensure that Carla receive her ring at the Arena before the team was to receive theirs. Holmes asked permission from Carla’s father during a BBQ event days before the season opener and a day trip was planned to see the game. The couple did lunch at Pier 23 Cafe the day of the proposal with friend and photographer Thomas Boyer as well as dinner at Mexicali Rose in Oakland with sister, Angela Hunter.

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Running behind for the team ring ceremony, the couple raced through the parking lot of Oracle Arena, Holmes still hiding the ring in the sleeve of his sweatshirt. Just as the couple stepped onto the sidewalk in front of the building, Carla stopped to take a photo of prior season highlights being projected on a nearby wall. Holmes found his window, got down on one knee and proposed with the wedding ring of his Yaya (Greek grandmother). Stunned (we presume lol), it took Carla nearly a minute to unscramble what’d just happened, find her breathe/words and gleefully (and tearfully) accept!

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