Carla and Derek

How We Met

Derek & I officially met at our weekly young adults service at church called Uproar. We both served in the in the first impressions team because of our outgoing, friendly personalities. On down time speaking to each other we uncovered that we both used social media to help promote our platforms and saw a common place we could help each other. One night after service he asked if I could be featured on his YouTube Channel discussing topics in the bible. It honestly turned into a blooper reel that he eventually posted on his channel because I couldn’t get it together. I laughed and stumbled on words, even considered just stopping because we couldn’t finish not one take without me messing up. The night help ignite a true friendship as we felt much more comfortable opening up with each other.

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Our church had planned a movie night one week and mutually we decided to go, but the night of the movie it just so “happened” that everyone for some reason or another decided they couldn’t make it which left Derek and I to attend the movie together. The night was truly special (at least to him) we watched the movie had a bite to eat and also donated blood to the Red Bus that night. It was that donation that he claims sparked his true love for me. I can remember him telling people that “in his years of dating he never met someone so willing to give back” and that’s what hooked him! He knew from that night on I would be his (even though I didn’t)! That night, turned into endless nights of phone conversation, dinners, adventures, and many memories, and within a couple of months we started officially dating!

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how they asked

Many girls have a feeling (like a proposal), are coming but this one took me by total surprise. Last year Derek and I attended a young women’s conference in Miami called “The Pink Lid”. At the time our friendship only extended to our social media platforms, I suggested he came with me to get a first person experience to host/speak at a conference. I also made him take many photos/videos for my platform. (I had to use him)! Throughout the conference the host and speakers hinted that they saw something more between us. I easily brushed it off with a BIG NO that we were just friends. The joke soon became “let’s take pictures with you both” because they all knew it was bound to happen!

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Derek knew months in advance that I got invited back to the conference so while I prepared for everything I had to do, he crafted his own plan that would forever change my life. He secretly coordinated through social media with the leaders of the conference to plan the perfect proposal. The theme to the conference this year was “Finding Love” which became destiny for Derek to do it there! He planned with Alyssa Shull founder of the Pink Lid an interview video of our “Love Story” and directed me to believe that all we were going to do is answer some questions and talk about our story. Not thinking anything of it I happily went along only excited to be sharing the stage with him. The day finally arrived as I found myself on stage with the founders and my secret “soon to be” getting ready for this “interview”. As I watched the video it seemed to go as planned until the last part, Derek had paused for a moment and said words I’ll never forget “Saying all this makes me want to do something Special”. An immediate roar of 700 young girls erupted as the lights came on with Derek down on one knee! After waiting about 30 seconds for the crowd to calm down his speech touched my heart and his dramatic “will you marry me” brought my smile, tears, and head to nod in a delightful YES!

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It is crazy how true the saying is “when you know…you know” when he proposed we had only been dating for 10 months and now we can’t wait to spend a lifetime together.

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