Carla and Dani

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How We Met

I met Carla at a friend’s surprise birthday party in Barcelona in November of 2014. I had just moved to Palma, Mallorca and was surprising the birthday celebrator as well as her boyfriend who was throwing the party. I met the couple in Zanzibar a couple months before that. Carla was very good friends with the birthday couple. After the surprise in their apartment, we all went out dancing. There was a guy who was bothering Carla at the bar so she said she had a boyfriend who was there. The guy didn’t believe her and asked her to point out who her boyfriend was. Since I was the guy in our party that was standing closest to her, she pointed at me, and I quickly pretended to be her boyfriend and held out my hand to bring her closer to me. The guy left and went away and we began chatting. Chatting became dancing and the rest… as they say… is history!

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how they asked

Knowing that Carla had always wanted to go on a tour of Palma since she had just moved there, it was easy to accept the “coincidental idea” of her visiting friend Lola to go on one of these tours. What she did not know is that everything had been pre-arranged. There was a fake tour bus, with fake tour passengers, and a fake tour guide. We had cameras placed everywhere hoping to get her reaction when I popped up on the bus and began singing to her.

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Later she realized that the passengers were all in on it as well as they started the choreographed dance moves. It was an amazing experience and we celebrated afterward by going to a hotel for the evening. Later he best friend would show up at lunch the next day after an awesome hike we did. Thank you to everyone who helped with the Tour Bus Proposal!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Dani Duran
 | Videographer
Maria Ribas
 | Planning
Giacomo Neri
 | Photographer