Carla and Codi

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how we met

The summer of 2011, I was an extra in a short film shot in Dallas. Codi Putman was the sound mixer on this little film and as my luck would have it, stood near me most of day. We chatted, we clicked, I thought he was adorable and hilarious and was sure there was ‘something’ there. I did not know at the time but his career was moving fast and although we had a lot of friends in common, I did not see him again until on Facebook, in a photo 3 ½ years later. I friended him. We chatted. A lot. We had a 7+ hour first date less than a week later and have been together ever since.

how they asked

On October 5th, 2015 I went to New York City to visit my wonderful now boyfriend Codi who was there on business. Codi had never been to NYC and although he’d been there since September 30th we decided I needed to visit him so we could experience this fabulous city together. He had two days off that I purposely flew in for and he suggested while in New York together we should find a building that we can get a great view from the top of so that we could take some awesome pictures. We had settled on going to 30 Rockefeller Plaza which is
adorably named, “The Top of the Rock”. We also discussed taking an NBC tour and I had
visions of Kenneth Parcel leading us through those exciting hallways and naturally bumping into Lorne Michaels who insists we have a sit down meeting with him. Well, alas the NBC tours did not start until November so I found we could tour The Rockefeller building itself and get some NYC history in our lives. We agreed and I scheduled the tour at noon on Monday because my flight came in at 10:30am.

Although we were both pretty hungry because of time we decided to grab a hot dog (street meat!) and hustle over to our tour. We were outside 30Rock when Codi starts to slip off his back pack and crouch on the ground. I stop and he says, “There’s something I want to show you…”I’m a very curious person by nature so this caught my attention immediately. He gets down on one knee and starts rifling through his pack. He goes on, “It’s something we have been talking about for a while and I know you’re going to be excited…” Now at this point, I’m getting mammoth size butterflies, my cheeks get hot and my brain locks up. IS THIS HAPPENING???? IS HE PROPOSING???

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Then Codi turns toward me and opens his hand to reveal a gopro camera. Here’s the thing – we HAD talked about it for a while and I WAS excited about it and all the same time I felt like an embarrassed presumptuous jerk. “Come on Carla,” (I scold myself) “Codi and I agreed we are putting focus on building his audio business “Coin Operated Sound” and this camera actually is within that realm so calm yourself down.” I exhaled and as we went into the building he tells me the tale of buying the gopro.

Here’s what I didn’t know at this point. Codi and his mother had gone ring shopping for me weeks earlier. I got an odd text from my sister claiming she found a ring in her daughter’s room that ‘didn’t fit her’ and ‘what was my ring size again?’. Codi had been making calls. He went to my father’s work and got his blessing, all the while I thought he was in a work meeting! He messaged my best girl friend and grilled her on what kind of style and look of ring I would love.

He called 30Rock and tried to get in touch with someone from NBC tours to see if he could propose to me on the soundstage there. When he learned that wasn’t possible he put calls to videographers in the city that would come and film the proposal when he did it. He considered doing it on the high line but after we had our tour in place and he knew we’d be on top this skyscraper and that he wanted to propose up there. Instead of hiring someone, he chose to keep the crew small and do it all himself. So he brought mics, bought a gopro and when everything worked out seamlessly he had a plan in place.

The tour was great! I looked over at Codi at one point and he’s sweating. I asked him if he was okay and he said he was kinda hot. Guess what, it wasn’t hot. When Codi is uncomfortable, so am I so tried to fan his shirt and cool him off which in turn distracted me from what could have been a hint to what’s to come. Then I see him grip his stomach and breath out as if he’s in pain.

I ask again if he’s alright and he said the hot dog may of turned on him. Totally understandable so again, I try to soothe him as we are finishing this kind of never ending tour – 90 minutes! Finally it’s done and we are able to go to the top!

It’d been hours so we both needed to use the restroom. I’m in and out in a flash, excited about our journey to the clouds and Codi does not emerge. For a while. Then a while more. I actually started to worry that A) he got mugged in the bathroom B) that hot dog is in battle. So after considering the level of creepiness it would be for me to poke my head in the men’s room I decided it didn’t out weigh my concern so I did it. I see Codi standing by the sink with stuff in his hands and looking a little frazzled. In retrospect of course, at the time I thought I just freaked him out a bit which I did but for reasons that were different. He was miking himself and setting up the recorder in his backpack as well as ensuring the gopro was good to go.

He finally walks out and we make our way to the top. We take the coolest elevator ever that has this electric light parade of a celebrity film montage projected on the ceiling and take a ride so fast our ears pop. We get out to see we are one of a few levels and the one we’re on has glass partitions around it. It was breathtaking but glass? Come on, we’re not jumping I want to see it all! I get so excited exclaiming, “Get the gopro, get the gopro!” but Codi says he wants to wait until we are at the very top and he seems tense. I notice he is looking at the ‘notes’ in his phone and grinning. I asked him what he’s doing but he says, nonchalantly, “Nothing” and puts his phone away so I figure it’s work related. Seems legit! Of course, I had no idea what he was actually doing was reading what he was about to say to me in his proposal. We take a few pictures with our phones and go up a level. Amazing! And not behind glass but then we quickly spy there’s yet another and final top layer to this magnificent structure. We take of quick pics and Codi still says he wants to wait to bust out the gopro. We brought my selfie stick and I am pumped to get a super cool image with gopro strapped into it.

We finally ascend to the third and final top level. Unbelievable, we can see all the way to New Jersey, the statue of liberty, Brooklyn bridge – it’s breathtaking. Finally after some pictures with Codi’s canon he agrees it’s gopro time. He gets it securely in the selfie stick and hands it to me.

“No” I say, “you hold it” because I know he’s better at framing things up. He says, “No, you –

Don’t you want to use it? It’s fun!” Then I see, he’s right – it IS fun so I am getting a kick out of this thing.

Suddenly he’s standing next to me, looking at me with intent. This is when the video starts…

We kiss and it’s happened. We’re engaged!

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Image 4 of Carla and Codi

The crowd around us cheers and claps!

We take the best pictures ever and I am trying to grasp what is happening. Codi tells me he has had the ring hidden in the house for over a week and has checked to make sure it’s the same place every morning and night. He even tried to slip it on my finger while I was sleeping, twice!! Which is equal parts adorable and hysterical. When we start our descent to the elevator I start to cry, the happiest tears and I have trouble stopping. Codi gets choked up too and I think we both just kept saying we loved each other but it’s hard to recall through the emotional haze. I don’t even remember the ride down or what either of us said, I think my ears were blocked with bliss. We landed on the ground new people.

The newly engaged, Codi Putman and Carla Tschosik.

I called my Mom and cried the whole time, then my Dad with more tears. Annie, my sister beat me and text me before I could call but we spoke soon after too. I finally had a dry face and we went to have one fancy dinner at Del Friscos in New York City, no less.

Codi’s mom called and we both spoke to her too. Our phones did not stop lighting up with texts and facebook notifications, everyone so happy and wanting to congratulate us.

We had discussed prior to my arriving that it’d be fun to wake up intensely early and go to watch the live broadcast of the Today show. Codi has the brilliant idea for us to make a sign to hold up exclaiming our recent engagement. Brilliant! We go to 3 different drug stores and no one has poster board. Don’t kids use them for school presentations anymore? As we trek around the most recognizable part of the city in the world we keep seeing piles of broken down boxes from late night deliveries for all the surrounding shops. I finally think to say, “Hey let’s get some of that cardboard and just use that!” Codi is more than game so we buy thick sharpies to write with and head out. We find a pile in the heart of Times Square and Codi pulls out a perfectly new and blank white poster board. We are thrilled at how perfect it is but THEN…he searches deeper in to the pile and in between a collapsed box he pulls out the perfect in dimension, perfectly blank piece of thick cardboard with a huge white outlined conversation bubble on it.

WHAT?!?! What’s that universe??? You planted this here for us to use at this precise moment
on this precise day??? We practically skip back to the hotel, high on our magical find.

We wake up at 3am, shower and head to 30 Rock again, our now special place.

It’s pretty busy already and people have signs but ours stands out, naturally it’s the best. We get right behind the window of the Today show hosts and Matt Lauer gives us a smile and thumbs up after pointing to our sign. Al Roker sees us too and gives a mimed clap. We hold and wave our sign furiously, scream when we are told by the producers and admire the crew operate their huge jib man at work. The hosts then come outside where the crowd is and Al Roker makes his way to us after going around the circle of fans. “Congratulations! Where are you from?” “Dallas!” I yell back. Codi and I both say, “This happened yesterday, on top of the rock!” and Al says, “At the top of the rock, you got a rock!”

Boy did I ever.

We posted the clever video on our facebooks and within two weeks we’ve hit over 4,200 views. A lot of our friends and family reposted it and showed it to people we have never met and the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and uplifting. That is when Codi thought, maybe we should put this on youtube…

Our Video