Carissa and Vance

She said Yes!

Vance and I have been together since 8th grade (6 years). We’ve grown up together, through middle school, high school, and now halfway through college. We were eachother’s first kisses, prom dates, and so much more. No matter the adversity, we’ve stuck with each other through it all. A week before Thanksgiving, we took a trip to New York City with his best friends and my best friend. We almost didn’t go, since a week before there was the terrorist attack in Paris. We were afraid, but we gathered up courage, prayed a lot, and decided that we could not live in fear of attack. At sunset, at the Top of the Rockefellar, Vance proposed. We both felt on top of the world. We’d made it. All of our friends and family were in on the secret. He made me feel like the most beautiful, important girl in the world. Together forever ❤ 3/7/09