Carissa and Salvatore

How We Met

Salvatore and I officially met in 2014 but have actually been in each other’s presence way before that. Despite me attending an all-girl high school and him an all-boy high school, we somehow managed to end up at the same senior prom together in 2010 and even had mutual friends throughout high school. We both attended St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY and eventually wound up taking one course together.

During my second to last semester of college, I was rushing to the computer lab to print a last-minute assignment quickly for class. As I was rushing down the hall, I saw Salvatore standing outside in the hall waiting for his class to begin. I still remember what he was wearing: a Yankees hat, black basketball shirt, black Nike hoodie, (we both quickly realized our love for black clothing) Jordan sneakers and of course his big headphones. As I spotted him, I noticed myself becoming nervous to see him like a few days prior we had engaged in a short/joking conversation on Twitter. I walked past him saying a brief hello and grabbed my paper from the printer and I guess you could say the rest is history.

We bumped into each other in April and spoke for a few months before officially meeting again in June. Throughout the time we spoke there were some moments where I wasn’t sure if we were going to work out or maybe we just weren’t compatible- but something just drew me to him and told me to not give up; I now know why.

On August 3rd, 2014, Sal was driving me home from a day spent doing our two favorite things: exploring somewhere new & trying tons of new food. I was a little upset about going home because during this time of “seeing” each other, Sal was working as a busboy and I only saw him late on Saturday nights or on Sundays. When we arrived at my house, he pulled over into his usual spot and before I went inside he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.

From that moment on we fell in love as summer turned into fall, fall into winter and spring into summer for the next 4 years. We quickly became each other’s best friend and couldn’t stand to spend time apart. We developed a love for black clothing, wrestling, being foodies, traveling, concerts, weekend excursions, Halloween season, The month of October, Christmas, iced coffee, lazy weekends, scary movies and most importantly our love for Disney World.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

how they asked

Salvatore and I had unintentionally started an annual trip to Disney World every February since we had started dating. He had a love for Disney from consistent trips with his family since he was young and I had fallen in love when I took a trip with my friends 2 years prior.

When it was a month before my Master’s Degree graduation, I had gone back to Sal’s house after my last official Masters class. I was so happy to just relax before work the next day when Sal handed me a blue folder with a beautiful handwritten note about how proud of me he was and all of my hard work towards this degree. I truly had no idea what to expect when I opened this folder. When I opened it to see that we were going to Disney World in October (when its decorated for Fall) I was ecstatic! I immediately began crying and couldn’t wait.

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World

When we were in the final days before our trip, Sal began asking me what I wanted to do first when we got into the Magic Kingdom- which was always to take a picture in front of the castle. When we finally arrived, I was so excited! There were literally fall leaves and pumpkins- everywhere! I asked Sal if he wanted to take a picture but he told me to wait because a parade was just starting and they were beginning to clear crowds. We looked into a couple of stores and Sal asked if I wouldn’t mind getting coffee in the Starbucks while he ran to the restroom.

When I came back out with the coffee, Sal was waiting for me in the back of the Starbucks. His baseball hat was now off and his face was flushed. I immediately asked him what was wrong but he brushes it off saying he was hot which is extremely normal for him since he is always overheated. Once I handed him the coffee, he went on to say that he found the perfect spot for us to take pictures (The Plaza Rose Garden) and a photographer was there. I truly thought nothing of this, since my first plan was to take a picture.

We waited in line to take our picture and when it was our turn the photographer quickly snapped 3 pictures and then turned to us and said: “follow me”. At this moment, I was a little confused and was thinking to myself “what is going on !?”. We approached a more scenic view of the rose garden that had a gorgeous view of the castle, the fall colored flowers and fall decorations. After snapping a picture, the photographer had us turn to each other and that’s when Sal began speaking and eventually got down on one knee. I was shaking and crying so intensely that I forgot to answer the most important question! When Sal asked me “IS THAT A YES!?” I silently nodded yes while still crying and both Sal and a crowd that had formed began cheering.

It was truly the most magical, memorable and intimate moment of my life.