Carissa and Joseph

Carissa's Proposal in Newport AMC Cinemas

Amidst the maddening world of dating, where trial and error (mostly error, lots and lots of error), was the name of the game, and Tinder was the game master, two single people both swiped right and just like that, a message popped up that read “Congratulations, it’s a match!” Our first date was at the movie theatre where we watched The Avengers, had some wings, won a pair of yankee tickets and completely hit it off. Joe melted my heart when he so politely asked if it would be alright if he held my hand. Our relationship grew into one full of laughs, sweet memories, some hard times that tested our relationship and most importantly, we learned to accept and love each other so deeply. Because food and movies are essential in a happy “us,” we would often try new places to eat as well as go to the movies or binge on Netflix. On May 5, 2017, we had plans to watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I met him after he was done with work, and after I was done with a nice long nap, and off we went, just like any other occasion. We got to the theatre, late, I assumed since the theatre was all dark and our seats were in the very back. Once I got myself settled into my seat, I realized that the big screen said “Welcome Carissa…” I immediately slap Joe on the leg and say “hey what’s up with this? Why is my name on the screen?” And he whispers, “just watch” with a smile on his face.

As I continue to watch, a slideshow begins playing photos and music and a letter from Joe. He mentioned how our first date was at the movies and described how much his life changed and how happy he has become. He then continued to say how he remembered asking to hold my hand on our first date and tonight was asking for my hand in marriage. “Carissa, will you marry me?” was the last slide, and I was so full of emotion and completely surprised. If that wasn’t enough, the lights turned on, and everyone in the theatre turned around and it was 34 of our closest friends and family, to witness it all!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newport AMC Cinemas