Carissa and Ian

How We Met

I met Ian almost 10 years ago when we were in high school. I was so busy as a seventeen-year-old, prepping for college, working as a Starbucks Barista, and attending sports games as a varsity cheerleader. Little did I know that Ian existed, and he was just as busy hanging out with friends, dreaming about becoming a firefighter, and playing on the high school volleyball team. When I was a junior cheering for a varsity volleyball game, I noticed a really cute guy I had never seen before. He was walking around in the gym bleachers. My position in cheer was as a “Flyer”, so I remember asking my cheer friends to put me up in a “Full” so I could be up high and check out where that cute guy was in the bleachers. The other cheer girls didn’t know that was why I was constantly asking to be put up in the air haha. Eventually I asked some of my friends if they knew who the guy was. They told me, “Oh, that’s Ian Moore”. It wasn’t long after that initial spotting that I found a way to “accidentally” cross paths with him.

I started noticing him around school more often, so I would purposely walk a route I knew he’d take. I was too shy to talk to him, but I wanted to make sure he noticed me. One day I decided to walk right past him in order to get his attention. The day I planned to walk past him it was raining so I had my Hello Kitty umbrella above my head, and covering my face as I walked toward him. As soon as I got close enough to him to make eye contact, I lifted my umbrella and peaked under it, giving Ian a big smile. When he saw me, he looked so surprised to see me pop out from under the umbrella. After that, we gradually started talking. Ian asked me on a date to the movies and soon after asked me to be his girlfriend. Ten years later, we are more in love than ever. He’s a firefighter and I accomplished my goal of graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Administration. Photo of us in high school:

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It was late August when Ian and I decided to go on a last minute weekend getaway to Catalina Island – it’s been one of our favorite weekend vacation spots since we were teenagers. Every summer we experience a new activity on the Island, from kayaking, to zip lining, to snorkeling; we knew for this trip that we wanted to do something different – hike! Not just any hike though; we wanted to hike to a point that we could see the ocean on both sides of the island. It had been a stressful morning of almost missing our ferry ride to the Island (you know how LA traffic can be!), but we finally made it to the quaint town of Avalon. I was ready to lounge around all day and drink Mai Tai’s on the beach, but Ian was persistent about going on that hike. So, we changed into our hiking clothes and went out on the adventure. It was a beautiful afternoon and we knew we’d reach the top of the hike near sunset.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Catalina Island

Being in the open hills and the open air in Catalina felt especially memorable to me, as I spent several years as a child/teen hiking the hills at summer camp on the Island. Ian knew how special the scents of the mountains, the colors of the landscape, and the view of the ocean were to me. After 2 miles of hiking, we finally reached the top of the trail. Ian set up his go-pro to take a picture of the two of us at the top, and to my surprise, he grabbed my hands in his, then reached into his pocket, pulled out a little box, got down on one knee, and asked if I’d marry him. I said “YES!”.

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