Carissa and Devon


how we met

He’s not one in a million, he’s once in a lifetime.

Just shy of two years ago, 4th of July weekend (2014) in Southern California, I laid eyes on the man who is now my fiancé!

Now, it sounds like a typical way to spend the 4th. But what makes this moment different than any other was neither him nor I were meant to be there. Living near the ocean, most of my days were spent doing just that. Toes in the sand, even on a jam packed Holiday weekend. Yet, this year one of my girlfriends (whom I just recently met, only a few months back) invited me to her lake house to spend the Holiday with her family. Less crowded, nice relaxing weekend, free parking (haha) had me sold! I was excited for the new view! Devon on the other hand was camping up North with his family (already on a lake) yet his friends somehow convinced him to ditch the fam and join them 6+ hours away. It is truly wild how those stars aligned. That if we stuck to our original plan and/or I had never been invited, would have never met. (It actually scares us to think about it.)

The day I arrived was the second day he had been there & we had met. The best part was my girlfriend said before I made up my mind to come, “Don’t expect to meet any guys.. they’re most likely not your type.” I had no expectations and really wanted to just lay low, not care about my hair and makeup and enjoy the day relaxing with her and her little girl. Yet all those plans changed when her husbands friends pulled up on the shore in their boat and invited us all to a house party. Right away I saw Devon standing there, at the end of the dock. Tall, cool, handsome & a smile that made me weak in the knees. But it took me about an hour of us glancing over at one another.. to break the ice.

(Awe..the things we say when we don’t know what else to say…)

The only thing I could think of while passing by him, with a loss of words..was to tell him he should consider modeling.

I proceeded, and as the quick, literally 5 second conversation continued – and ended:

Devon: “I’ve never heard that before…”

Me: “I doubt that!”

Devon: “Okay, maybe twice.”

Me: “Today..”

(fill space w/ laughing…)

…..and then… the awkward silence…. so back to my friend and I catching up, while the flirting from a distance continued. With still no other words exchanged, the day was coming to an end so Alicia and I made our way back to the main beach to pack up. About 15 mins or so later, her husband comes up on his Kayak insisting that I jump in because he wants me to meet someone…asking if I remember the guy on the dock and that Devon had been asking about me. (Blushing) I decided to go for it!

Only to soon find out he had already left. (Sad face).

Yet, thanks to Rusty & Alicia for extending the offer that I stay the entire weekend, in their hopes that him and I would once again run into one another (I later find out secretly Rusty just told his brother Kyle to have Devon at a house party that night, so we could meet). Of course, I stayed.

That night on a front porch, we officially met. While flirting like crazy and laughing the night away, it was clear we couldn’t get enough. The rest of the weekend was spent sun up to sun down with him. (Gasp!) And the first kiss ..(wait for it) was our kiss goodbye! A complete gentleman, as the sun was setting on that weekend he gently pulled me closer and oh so smoothly said, “I’ve been wanting to from the moment we met. May I kiss you?” (insert kiss here) Then while I was following him out of the lake he pulled his truck over, jumped out and kissed me once more. I was hooked!

Long story short, what was only going to be the day turned into an entire weekend! Within a week we were official. Within a month we were living together, spending majority of our time traveling anywhere & everywhere and falling deeper in love. It is easy to say that we have been inseparable right from the start.

Note: (for the memories) He also told me he Loved me the first time at that lake, only a different weekend.

how they asked

Valentines weekend, a year and seven months from the day we met. Devon planned a romantic vacation for us in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. February 12, 2016, while snowboarding among the most stunning Grand Tetons, Devon dropped to one knee and asked me to be his Wife! I was breathless, as it was unexpected and truly exciting. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with my best friend as we continue to build this big, beautiful and wild life together! There is nothing more amazing than being loved by him.

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