Carissa and David

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How We Met

David and I met online, when I was about 19. I had always just had a few close friends, I had a stroke when I was born and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, that somehow made finding friends harder than I expected because of some of my odd behaviors like muscle spasms when I get to cold or sometimes just randomly, but David never judged me.We were literally just friends for nearly 2 1/2 years before we ever got to meet face to face or go on a date. Those 2 1/2 years David was the person I found myself talking to when times got tough, during the course of that friendship I ended a long relationship, lost loved ones and my very first car got totaled, and he was always there for an encouraging word or just to let me vent. No matter how crazy some things in my life seemed, he never judged me. Around November of 2015 was the first time he asked me on a date, yet we couldn’t find a break in either of our schedules that worked for both of us, this happened a few times between then and the following July. We had talked on and off a lot in 2 1/2 years and April and May were unfortunately one of those off times, because I tried dating someone, needless to say it didn’t work out. After that relationship I remember my best friend saying to me “you just can’t date a guy from Wisconsin, that has to be it! He has to be from somewhere else originally.” That is all I remember from her rant, because David (being from Texas) instantly popped into my head. I messaged him that day and it was like we had never stopped talking, I soon found out he was moving five minutes away from me and at that point I knew it was high time to meet up and go on our first date. July 2nd we met up, July 4th was our first date where he presented me with floating lanterns just like the ones from my all time favorite Disney movie Tangled, (I immediately asked him if my friends, had told him that…he said no) I remember seeing those lanterns raise into the sky, wrapped in his hoodie because of the chill of the night and thinking “This guy could truly be the man of my dreams.” Two weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend and that started our love story.

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how they asked

David had a very incredible plan to propose, which I found out after the fact didn’t pan out. He was even going to use the floating lanterns from our first date but life had other plans. When he bought the ring, it needed to be sized which took apparently quite a bit longer than he preferred. But the day he bought the ring (February 1st 2017), we were going to breakfast with my best friend (the one who still raves about getting us together and I love her for it.) About 35 minutes from home. Halfway through the drive he looked at me and went “if I asked you to marry me without a ring would you say yes?” I told him I would, but I figured he would be more traditional, he then responded with “We’ll what if I got a ring but I’m just unable to have it with me?” I told him the answer would still be a yes and why he was so curious. He then proceeded to tell me that he had bought a ring and just couldn’t wait to ask, which he did right there in the car and I said yes. We now talk about that moment every time we past that part of the road. He told ,everyone later that day he wanted to ask me “properly” when the ring was done getting sized, so for the next 5 weeks I was constantly wondering when he might ask. On March 10th we went out to dinner at Applebee’s (which I adore) like any normal date night, talked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Well the time came where we normally order and split the triple chocolate meltdown for dessert, only he said he had ordered it when I was using the restroom. I thought nothing of it, then he looked at me, told me he loved me and he loved our many memorable date nights and couldn’t wait for many more, pulled out a ring and set it on the table as out waitress set out the dessert with a plate drizzled in chocolate with the words “Will you marry me?” written on it, I couldn’t breathe I just nodded and choked out a yes, with a few tears, the restaurant burst into applause and the dessert tasted extra amazing that night. When we got home we took a walk down by the river in town and across the bridge, halfway across he asked to see my ring (I thought maybe he waneeds to admire his beautiful choice in the moonlight) he then got down on one knee and asked me again, saying we had never walked across that bridge before but he wanted to start making good memories there. I again responded yes and he put my ring back on, when I asked him why he asked again he told me because I had to wait so long knowing the ring was coming, he wanted to make up for it. My heart melts everyday I’m with him, I’m so lucky to be marrying my best friend.

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